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1 in 3 Covid-19 survivors have a long-term brain disorder, the study says

Covid-19 appears to have a much greater impact on mental and mental health than flu, according to researchers.

April 7, 2021

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About one third Covid-19 Survivors experience long-term mental or brain disorders, a study published above Lancet Psychiatry Department recently revealed.

Consider specifically 14 nerves and mental health Researchers analyzed more than 236,000 patients diagnosed with a viral infection over a period of 6 months and found that 34% of them also had a diagnosis of neurology or psychiatry. For 13% of patients, that’s their first mental or mental health diagnosis.

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What’s more, those who survived were most at risk of anxiety (17%) or mood disorders (14%), the scientists said. There are also risks of substance use disorder, insomnia, dementia or stroke, although those risks are significantly lower.

“Although the individual risks to most disorders are small, the effects across the entire population can be significant on the health and social care system due to the magnitude of the epidemic and the wide range of conditions. This condition is chronic, “said Paul Harrison, lead author of the study. , said in a statement. “Therefore, healthcare systems need to be resourced to meet expected needs, both in primary and secondary care services.”

The researchers also concluded that Covid-19 increased the “risk of neurological and psychiatric outcomes” in hospitalized patients and that the effect of the virus on those outcomes was greater than the effect of the disease. flu or respiratory infection.

The research seems to confirm an earlier report it is assumed that Covid-19 survivors are at greater risk of developing the disorder within the first three months of infection.

“This is a very important article,” said Simon Wessely, dean of the department of psychiatry at King’s College London. Reuters, after the most recent research release. “It asserts beyond any reasonable doubt that Covid-19 affects both the brain and the mind to the same extent.”



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