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10 fun ways to welcome springtime with your dog

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After a long winter with more limited activity, spring is coming – and you (and your dogs) are ready to go and enjoy the warm weather!

Here are 10 fun ways to keep your dog more active this spring and enjoy this beautiful season:

Find a new route for your dog to walk.

It’s easy to get in one dogs for a walk… But there is no reason not to be free from the new dog walk!

Explore a new route for your dog to go for a walk – or take an old one in the opposite direction of the one you used to take!

And make the decision to take the dog somewhere new once a week, whether it’s a little hike out of your normal range or hike in a nearby park. Together explore new places that will strengthen your bond with your dog – and help you get through the winter.

Discover the joy of wading through the water.

Spring temperatures can be a bit too cool for swimming, but you and your dog can enjoy an afternoon of swimming.

Roll up your pants and toss with your dog. For even more fun, see if the two of you can spot tadpoles (don’t worry: most of them are too fast to take a risk). Buy a new floating toy for a fun afternoon.

Give your dog a new spring look.

We all love a new or ‘made spring dress’ and so do our dogs! Refresh your dog’s look with a new necklace with spring tones.

Visit your groomer for a hair removal session to help remove the bulk of that winter coat and to prevent undercoat change.

Try a new sport.

Agile collie border

Whether you choose to teach your dog to be agile, seduce, dive into a dock or surf, the fun of a new game dog sport can keep you both happy and active.

Search for classes in your local area or follow the DIY route, using your daily gear from lap to chair to create your own agility course.

Give Doggie Dancing a Whirl.

Spring has sprouted – it’s time to shake one leg (or four!)

Play your favorite tunes and dance with your dog like no one else but your best friend is watching. Regardless of your skill level, you and your dog will be strengthened and enjoy a bonding time.

Jumping dog (likes Other indoor dog games) is perfect for days when spring showers keep the two of you indoors.

Set up a wild flower photography session.

Do you have a photo of your pet among your local wild flowers?

In our home state of Texas, taking family photos in the bluebonnets is an almost mandatory spring rite.

Planning take a photo Get together with a friend (or hire a professional) to capture the best of the season with your dog. Morning and evening hours in general gives the best colors (although some wildflowers bloom slowly in the morning light).

Invite your dog’s BFF to a dog party.

If you have a safety fenced backyard, consider a spring party with feet. Invite your dog’s best friends and their people to enjoy an afternoon.

Order some more bowls and toys for the dog then watch the fun. Keep your menu for dog-friendly guests as well in case any food is dropped (or stolen); make a gift bag so each guest can bring home some dog treats.

Turn the event into a fundraiser for your local shelter by asking attendees to donate food or toys to help the homeless dogs in your community.

Planning your stay.

If warmer weather makes you want to plan a dog-friendly vacation but you are still not comfortable traveling, plan a “stay” for your dog.

Check your local area map for dog-friendly state and local parks and dog parks you can explore together.

Just like when you are on vacation, schedule your stay in your calendar, plan and package your day. Take a photo of your day trip to remember the fun of your little vacation.

Pack a picnic.

Spring is synonymous with sunny picnics and inclusion of your pet in this spring ritual makes it even more special. Prepare a light meal for your bipedal family members and your pet casual food for him; too much food other than his usual diet can cause stomach problems.

Make sure to keep your dog away from the above objects the list does not eat: oniony potato salad, any alcoholic drink, fried chicken bones, chocolate dessert, etc.

If your picnic is at a public picnic area, be sure to quickly scan the area when you arrive to avoid discarded chicken bones that could be hidden below the picnic table out of your view (but not of your dog!)

Plan to hunt for Easter eggs.

Whether you celebrate it on Easter or another day, easter egg hounds is a fun way to capitalize on your dog’s natural hunting instincts when they “go hunting” DIY dog snacks, kibble or other extras.



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