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10 of the softest shorts you’ll want to wear 24/7

Look, sometimes it’s more about the feel of something than the way it looks – especially when it comes to clothing items. Thankfully, there are checkboxes in both boxes. Soft leggings are the perfect combination of “yes, my mom looks so hilarious in these things,” and “I think I would feel comfortable lying on the floor with one leg leaning against the wall and the other leg testing the yoga posture I saw on TikTok.” Is there a conspiracy? Easily worn up or down, here are the 10 softest leggings available that will make you wander (or rather innine layers of clouds.

If you’re looking for an option that’s incredibly versatile while also anti-squatting, then this classic black pair of Ethos is for you. Complete with side pockets and made of sweat absorbent material, these leggings are made to carry whatever your day is in the store.

Shop now: Hurricane Ethos Legging all day, $ 59

Nothing says cozy like ribbed fabric. Lined to prevent cracking, these leggings are very flat, comfortable enough to sleep, and come in three pastel colors that are perfect for spring and summer.

Shop now: Lunya Cozy Cotton Silk Legging, $ 188

Knitting cables aren’t just for sweaters. These high-rise shoes are made from super stretchy fabric, perfect for stretching, but also have lettuce leaf trim around the ankles that flatter the look and make them a great outfit to pair with. a large t-shirt or even under a dress.

Shop now: The free Cabin Cozy Legging, $ 58

These days, the Internet is buzzing about cross-belts, and Aerie is here to save the day… and your hunting leggings. This ultra-lightweight pair provides a soft support while creating a feeling of weightlessness and hugs you in every appropriate position.

Shop now: Aerie Offline Real Me with high waistline, $ 45

If you’re looking for an option that weighs more but is still as soft as butter. These brushes are four-way stretchy and are made of Cool Core yarn that is hygroscopic and perfect for all seasons. Each pair is also handcrafted with materials from recycled plastic bottles, so they’re a great eco-friendly option.

Shop now: Summersalt High-brushed scorpion, $ 95

Available in 8 different colors, these Alo leggings are cozy and versatile. The slick performance fabric can handle your most intense, sweaty workouts, while the heather’s look makes them a proud member of the sunglasses family.

Shop now: Alo High Waist Alosoft Flow Legging, $ 88

These best-selling leggings are soft, breathable and designed to stay in shape all day, even after a few washings. The middle cut also gives you a bit more freedom compared to other more advanced pairs.

Shop now: Pact Go-To Legging, $ 35

Crafted from fabric with just the right amount of compression, these leggings fit just right but not too tight. The ribbed texture gives you extra flexibility, while the wide trouser waistband feels seamless from top to bottom.

Shop now: Good American Active Essential Legging Legging, $ 79

If you’re looking for an option with a more comfortable fit, not too wide to make them feel like your classic sneakers, and still have a legging feel and effect, then this pair will fit all boxes. Nulu fabric is so weightless that it feels almost zero, breathable and sweat-absorbent, warm enough for a day of couch, but supportive enough to wear when practicing yoga.

Shop now: Lululemon Align Jogger, $ 98

Made from recycled material, this pair is completely lightweight for hotter days. Brushed, soft like butter and extremely waterproof, they’re perfect for summer park walks, home evening movies or warm training.

Shop now: Girlfriend Float Legging Cao Tang, $ 68

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