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10 Signs of Relationship Communication Problems

Love relationships are great when things are going well, but when trouble begins, our often unhealthy default communication techniques can do more harm than good. Unfortunately, these unhealthy habits can lead us into ineffective cycles, bringing in unnecessary struggle and pain in our romantic relationships.

If communication isn’t your forte, don’t worry. Here are 10 signs you can look for to help you improve your communication and awareness enrich your relationships in the most caring, most meaningful ways.

As you look at the signs, try to keep an assessment of yourself or your partner on the sidelines. The more objective you are, the more beneficial your insights are. In fact, you may want to take notes while reading. If you – or your partner – are involved in any of these habits, just make a score of 1 to 10 on the severity of the problem. Remember: The goal is to raise your awareness in a positive direction, so put on your “relationship research hat” and have fun!



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