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10 Skincare Products for under $ 30 Our editors take the oath

If you have seen it pharmacy aisle Recently, you’ve probably realized that high-quality, efficient skin care doesn’t cost a whole month of rent. Another place where you can find A + products that won’t break the bank? The Well + Good Shop, is full of products that the W + G team has tried, tested, and loved.

As beauty editors we have a chance to sample much of products ranging from basic, Detergent $ 3 come high-tech masks, $ 435. And while there’s a lot of out there out there that are well worth their cost, we’ve found that some of the best products will get you no more than $ 30. Swipe through to buy affordable, effective, under $ 30 skincare products that have become a staple in our routine and you’ll use up the last drop too.

Tower 28 Beauty SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray – $ 12.00

I brought this facial spray with me everywhere. It is great for rehydrating dry skin in the middle of a workday and has anti-microbial properties that help remove dirt. I have one on my desk and another in my wallet to make sure I can give the skin exactly what it needs at any time.

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KNC Beauty Rose Supa Balm – $ 22.00

A good balm can serve about a million different purposes, and that’s exactly what this rose-packed recipe is meant to do. You can use it on your lips, elbows, hands, cuticles – really, anywhere – and it will help hydrate the skin and moisturize the entire skin.

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Henné Red Organic Lip Exfoliator – $ 26.00

Exfoliation is an extremely important – but often overlooked – step in reducing chapped lips. Exfoliation of dead skin cells helps moisturizing ingredients penetrate the surface and hydrate from the inside out. This sugar scrub does just that, while infusing your lips with nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax and jojoba seed oil. And more? It leaves a subtle layer of berry color lipstick, making your regular lipstick look outdated.

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Eir NYC Surf Mud Pro – $ 30.00

This mineral sunscreen is designed for people with active lifestyles, meaning it is resistant to skiing, surfing, sweating, and everything related to it. It provides SPF 50 to keep you protected from the sun, plus antioxidants to protect against other environmental factors like pollution.

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Dedcool Water Watermelon Balm Stick – $ 18.00

Think of this watermelon-scented lip balm as the grown-up version of Lipsmackers you swore in middle school. It’s made with natural, vegan ingredients and will give you the (literally) flavor of summer every time you apply it.

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Apprentice Or’ganik Elixir Facial Oil Serum – $ 27.00

One part serum, one part oil, this two-tasking product contains vitamin E and skin-like fats to keep your skin healthy and strong. Carrot seed oil contains vitamin A which stimulates cell turnover, while smoothing and nourishing the skin while reducing discoloration and signs of aging.

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These almost invisible patches are an instant remedy for nasty pimples that seem to appear on their own. They have tiny pimples covered with salicylic acid that go into the root of your pimples, causing them to disappear before there’s a chance it gets worse.

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Anti-odor surface pads – $ 20.00

Unlike traditional deodorants, which tend to use aluminum and scent to get rid of sweat and BO, these “anti-scent” pads use glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells and neutralize microbes odor causing bacteria. They also have probiotics, Aloe vera leaf juice and glycerin, help balance the underarm microflora and moisturize the skin to prevent itchiness.

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Ursa Essential Wipes – $ 30.00

Combined with Ursa Major’s cult 4-in-1 Face Cream, just gently swipe one of these wipes to clean, exfoliate, heal and hydrate at the same time. Use them on your face, neck, chest or anywhere else your skin needs a little extra favorite and toss them away when you’re done.

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