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10 steps to creating an effective content marketing campaign

February 19, 2020

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What makes B2B and B2C lead generation campaigns successful? There are 10 main steps.

Step 1: Identify your target audience and their information needs

In B2B, target audience or audience identification includes knowing the industry, company size and title of potential customers, responsibilities, education level, and understanding of your chosen topic. and how they use your product in their business. You should also think about the information needs of your potential customers at the buying stage in which you are reaching them.

Step 2: Plan a strategic or useful content

A strategic content plan The one in which publishing and distributing content solves a marketing problem. A useful content plan disseminating valuable information to potential customers in their work but not pitch for your product or service. For example, a reseller of a computer can give a potential customer a special report on how to prevent data loss or avoid hackers, malware, and viruses. This kind of useful information doesn’t particularly speed up the steps in the sales cycle or sell leads to resellers or their solutions. However, potential customers will appreciate the free tips and will respond by viewing the reseller in a more profitable direction. It builds goodwill and gives the impression that you’re an expert in your field.

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Step 3: Choose the Format or Media for your Lead Magnet

Content can be presented in a variety of formats and mediums, and your choices can make a big difference in the success of your content marketing campaigns.

In addition to the downloadable whitepapers or reports, there are many other options. You can:

  • Offer free webinars, online courses, podcasts, infographics or posters.
  • Post videos on your website either .
  • Send an audio CD or a DVD.
  • Load useful data and content onto a USB drive.

It’s important to think beyond a downloadable report or whitepaper. Alternative means, because they are less common, usually get more attention.

Step 4: Create a great title for your Lead Magnet

Probably the biggest factor that determines whether a prospect is asking for your free content is the title of your lead magnet. The aim is to capture the prospect’s attention, generate interest and curiosity, and force them to demand a lead magnet.

Step 5: Research, organize and write content

The amount of research you need to do depends on your knowledge of the topic. But even if you know the topic well, do some outside research to improve your knowledge on the topic with your external facts, metrics, and ideas.

Once you’ve gathered your content, think about how the document will be organized and presented. Sometimes content naturally specifies a particular organization chart, such as alphabetical order or chronological order. At other times, something as simple as a numbered list can be done. Or you can choose a FAQ format, like on the FAQs page on a website.

Finally, write your document. Once the document is finished, edit it to make it tighter, clearer, and better, then have a professional editor review it.

Step 6: Create Landing Page to Download Lead Magnet

A Landing page is a standalone website where potential customers can request free lead pads or magnets. On a properly designed, effective landing page, there are only two options: Ask for a free or leave lead magnet. As a result, your conversion rates – the percentage of visitors who fill out and submit your form – are much higher on dedicated landing pages than on home pages or any other website.

Step 7: Drive traffic to your landing page

How do you drive traffic to your website without spending all your existing money in a matter of weeks? There are seven cost effective ways to get hits on your website: run advertising, approval , participate in co-subscribe pop-ups, buy web-hosted ads, bookmark emails, buy ads online or do by adding a line to your outgoing marketing email saying “Please forward this email to your friends so they can enjoy this special offer”.

There are other cost-effective ways to get traffic on your website, including postcards, sales letters, print ads, blogs, social media ads or posts, webinars. or podcast.

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Step 8: Execute the requirements

When a prospect requests a lead magnet, you must provide an electronic lead magnet, such as a PDF download, within seconds or minutes. Physical lead magnets, such as books or DVDs, must be mailed within 24 to 48 hours.

Step 9: Follow up

While opinions vary, I’d like to ask potential customers for both their phone number and email address so that the salesperson can follow up.

Step 10: Secure an appointment or conversation

Marketers often need to be reminded that the ultimate goal of content marketing is not to provide information but to sell something. So, in the end, you have to take the next step in the sales process, which is securing an appointment – in person or over the phone – with the prospect to do some personal activity. .

If you’ve taken steps one through nine correctly, you’ll have an advantage in selling that, for a number of reasons. First, by providing a lead magnet, you’ll get more leads and therefore more sales appointments. The more appointments you have, the more sales you will have.

Second, a well-written white paper or other lead magnet paper can educate potential customers ahead of the sales appointment. So when you first chat with them, they tend to buy from you.

Third, good content can predict and respond to the most common objections customers may encounter. When the objections are asked and answered before the first sales call, the conversation can focus on the positives, because the negatives have been dealt with and eliminated.

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