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10 stories that will revolutionize the way you lead your life

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How do we move things in the right direction When it comes to gender equality?

We had a lot of great conversations, surveys, and data, but the fundamental fact is, as a society, we don’t have equal access to women as a reality. priority. We need passionate leaders who deeply understand business and social rationale for getting women into the workforce – not just on the board or in the workforce. but at all levels of the organization.

Not only do you need to understand how diverse your workforce is, but also include your workforce. You have to look at the whole system to understand where you are losing people, where you are not gaining people and where you are not getting full participation from everyone.

When looking at global data, we often see top-level or upper management studies and attention, but the biggest problem is actually the dropout rate in middle management. where women leave at double the rate. men do.

We found that male managers, albeit well-intentioned, are often not equipped to handle women in stressful conversations, flexible timing, working remotely, what the company is. willingness to do and the other issues they need to reach out to them will be for their male staff. When they understand why their female team members are at risk of leaving, and when they are equipped to know how to respond, they are preciously able to attract female members of their group. price.

When I work with women’s business resource groups, one of my first advice is “Know your worth.” You should know what your economic value is in the market. You don’t have to actively ask basic questions about how a potential employer will measure that value and the contributions you provide to their company.

If you are a young woman, your boss needs to know that you are interested in getting promoted. You care about salary equality. You care about accurate performance evaluations. You want to be fairly rewarded for your work. If you work in a company that isn’t willing to prioritize this, I think you have to ask yourself, “In the long run, can I thrive in this environment? Is this a place where I want to spend the near future in my professional career? “

Those are difficult questions, but they have to be asked.

If I am a young woman entering today’s job market, I want to work and look for companies with a serious commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Reflection by Dr. Patti Fletcher

Disruptor Introduce strategies business women used to achieve success. Hence, it focuses primarily on what you can personally do.

However, Pat makes an important point: the need for male participation in the process. If we really want to achieve gender equality, it must involve all stakeholders. Pat’s pragmatic optimism also inspires me: when men “get it” and become allies of feminist women, they can become the most powerful advocates for women. women and advocates of egalitarian practices.



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