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11 The idea of ​​growing plants in the living room is low maintenance and pet friendly

A colorful throw pillow on one neutral the couch, a bookcase filled with beloved books, sparkling crystals in a vintage bowl … there are so many ways to add personality to a living room. But there are few things that do more than alter the overall aesthetic of a room like the addition houseplants. They add elegance, color and texture to the overall space. So if you’re looking to enhance your living room vibe, look no further than these 11 living rooms tree idea.

We have exploited Ansel & Ivy the co-founders, Anum Tariq and Hiraa Khan, for advice on the best plants for living room life. Tariq and Kahn were serious about plants for the first time when designing the living room in the middle, realizing that they didn’t know what plants would grow well in their space or how to take care of them properly. The Nor is the traditional incubator model set up to provide an easy, user-friendly kind of guidance or care guide. Now, they ship stylish indoor plants ready to your doorstep, from air purifier to pet-friendly and low-maintenance.

Before we share our best living room tree planting ideas, Tariq and Kahn want to remind tree hunters of the importance of light and reality in terms of quantity of your space before buying. You may be intrigued by what you might think is aesthetically the most beautiful if it doesn’t get the required amount of light then it won’t last long. Find out how much light your space gets and then Shop fit! Now, read on for some of our favorite living room tree planting ideas before your next home update.

The ZZ is a great choice for low-light rooms, and it’s definitely a Tariq personal favorite. Its beautiful, distinctive shape and glossy leaves make it extremely visually appealing. This ideal beginner plant is almost indestructible, low maintenance and frankly completely cool.

Is there something gloomy, serene, and romantic about a rubber tree? Also known as Ficus, this chili plant thrives in indirect window light and purifies the air while looking regal.

Looking for a living room tree that will climb the wall? Then there is no need to look beyond this so-called bold beauty. It is a creeper that can be trained to climb or placed on a high rack so that the vines drop significantly. The bright heart-shaped leaves couldn’t be any happier and it does grow fast, so get ready for some serious action with the ivy.

Whether you’re working in a small space (like a small urban apartment) or simply looking to fill a void in a bookshelf, check out the sweet little Dracena. She is so cute and shiny, you would think this easygoing tree is fake!

Like pothos, this philodendron is also a fast-growing plant. The lime leaves will brighten your living room with vibrant color. They also have extremely low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about user error.

Although popular in recent years, figs are not for the faint of heart. But with the proper care and care, it will grow to be incredibly tall and luxurious, with wide and vibrant foliage. It is a factory equivalent of a statement.

Perfectly planted on the floor, a palm tree will give your home a cool tropical beach vibe without having to set foot outside your living room. It’s also non-toxic, so it’s safe for households with pets and children.

Tariq recommends choosing green yellow peperomia as the accent for the colorful coffee table. The curvature in the leaves makes it special and glossy. It’s also pet and kid friendly, making this air purifying choice a welcome addition to any living room space.

Trying to play jazz at an angle? Go for something tall and narrow like a large golden snake tree. Put it on a small rack without worrying about taking up too many valuable real estate.

This bonsai is one of Khan’s favorite living room plants and has good reason. It prefers sunlight but doesn’t need too much watering. It’s also as cute as possible.

Pretend you’re on vacation while lying down beside the soft and hairy leaves of a palm tree in the living room. It loves lighting, so make sure to place it near a window. They are so adorable and delicate, it’s no wonder they’ve been a popular living room plant since the Victorian era.



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