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12 effective ways to use short video content for your small business

The face of social media has changed dramatically in a short time, and short video content today is dominating the news feed of users. While some social media platforms use it video as a feature, like Instagram Stories, others, such as TikTok, use short videos as their primary form of communication. Businesses can then leverage this content on their own social media sites to help improve customer engagement and drive sales. To share insights on how to do that, 12 experts from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) answered the following question:

“What is one way you’ve used Instagram Stories, TikTok or other short video content for your small business and why do you think it worked in achieving your goals?”

Use one of these methods to make your video content truly effective for you and your business.

1. Connect with Customer Pain Points

“We use Instagram Stories to connect with our customers’ pain points and goals. It is important to be quick to show how your product can solve a specific problem in your industry. When followers can see the benefits of being a customer, they are more likely to visit your website and make a purchase. ~ Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

2. Share the media clip

“We have appeared on many news programs and other media to talk about relevant issues in our industry at certain times of the year when our audience was searching for the question. specific answer. We have posted these short clips on our website. It works because we are taking our name out there at critical times of the year when our followers need our expertise and our greatest insight. ~ Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance

3. Provide quick education

“The great thing about short videos is that you have to share the impact immediately. As a lawyer, law can be a difficult subject to explain. But by using visual cues associated with fast graphics, we can share important information with our audience in a way they can remember and really enjoy. ~ Matthew Podolsky, Florida law advisor, PA

4. Provide information and advertising

“I switched my entire marketing plan to TikTok-style short videos for the past three months. This is what’s trending and what works. People want video content to be short and simple. I have used these videos to provide information and tips and to promote upcoming products and webinars. These videos perform 10 times better than regular content and graphics ”. ~ Lisa Collum, Write the highest score

5. Display User Generated Content

“We have succeeded in making user-generated content part of our short videos on YouTube and Instagram. In our videos, we include sample campaigns that users have done with our software and give positive feedback so people can see what others think of our brand. “~ John Brackett, Smash Balloon LLC

6. Show the Completed Buyer Journey

“In the service business, to offer goods. Everyone sells the same stuff, and even if you offer a better service, it’s hard to stand out with standard social marketing practices. With Stories, we give customers and prospects a behind-the-scenes look at the completed buyer journey, showing how we play a role in its success. It adds another level of evidence to our campaigns. “~ Samuel Thimothy, OneIMS

7. Share the people behind the brand

“Small businesses can use live streaming to showcase the people behind the brand and humanize it. Sometimes there is a barrier between the business and the customer because of a lack of connection or emotion. But you can use video content to give viewers and potential customers a different perspective on your brand. ” ~ Stephanie Wells, Terrible forms

8. Create Product Demonstration

“We have used animated videos to help showcase the TutorMe online tutor platform and tell the brand story in a concise but engaging way. Because our service requires interactivity to fully understand its benefits, video is highly effective because consumers like easy-to-digest content that highlights key points and speaks to its short and long-term goals their term. “~ Myles hunter, TutorMe

9. Making Video Unboxing

“Instagram stories are great for connecting with audiences who already know and love your brand. If you’re doing anything with paid advertising to increase your followers and branding, this is a great way to enhance your content even further. What works extremely well for us is making video stories about unboxing different products, which simply doesn’t work well with stills or images. ~ Zac Johnson, Blogger

10. Provide quick daily updates

“We have had incredible success using Instagram Stories. We use our Instagram posts to promote larger concepts or events, and use Stories for quick daily updates. This ensures we don’t lose the power to post new topic content when it comes to us, but also helps us maintain the integrity of our network and stay in control of the story we’re telling. “~ Ashley Sharp, Live with dignity

11. Create contests giving gifts

“We are using short video formats, especially as they are only available for 24 hours, to create giveaways and other time-limited offers. Because this type of content disappears quickly, it creates FOMO and forces the viewer to act immediately. It is important to combine different formats with the right content to see the best effect. ~ Syed Balkhi |, WPBeginner

12. Drive traffic to a sales page

“Instagram stories can be an effective way to drive traffic to your sales page. One method we’ve used really effectively is to block all day of your Stories from promoting products by posting 20-40 short clips throughout the day. Then save the story thread as a highlight so it shows up below your profile and above your grid and continues to send traffic to your sales page. ~ Joe Stolte, Tractionology group

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