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13 Best Background Check Companies: Find the Best Background Site for You – Hub News Report

If there’s someone whose identity you need to verify quickly, the best solution is to use one of the top background check services and perform background checks. These services provide insight into an individual’s past, including any criminal activity, addresses, jobs, and more.

Choosing the right service will give you better peace of mind about someone’s identity, allowing you to make sound decisions going forward.

Ready to pick?

Listed below are 13 of the top background check services around. We explain the details of each site, what each company is best for, and we also answer some of the most pressing questions related to background check services, and background checks themselves.

Best Background Check Services

First Look:

  1. Best overall background check provider – TruthFinder
  2. Best for reverse phone look-ups – Intelius
  3. Best for verifying social media profiles – Instant Checkmate
  4. Best for reverse email look-ups – Spokeo
  5. Best for professional situations – GoodHire

1. TruthFinder – Best Overall Background Check Provider


  • Heavily detailed, up-to-date reports
  • Rich with features
  • Mobile app available


  • Slightly more expensive than rivals

TruthFinder is one of the most comprehensive background check services we’ve come across. The reports are very detailed and contain a huge amount of information, and unlike a number of other similar tools, you get access to public and private databases. This is a major boon for anyone who wants to go really deep when verifying an individual.Who knows what you’ll find!

You can use TruthFinder to search county criminal records, previous addresses and education history, as well as someone’s assets. You can also also find out who a person’s associates are, both former and current, to gain a more rounded view of them.

It’s worth pointing out that TruthFinder comes with a self-monitoring tool that allows you to check up on your past too, as well as a unique family tree feature.

2. Intelius – Best Background Check Service for Reverse Phone Look-Ups


  • Accurate reports
  • User-friendly
  • Good customer support


Reverse phone look-ups are one of Intelius’s key selling points. It lets you see who’s been calling or texting you, and it’s useful if the same number keeps popping up. For those who want to find out if someone from their past is still hanging around, it can be ideal.

Alongside this excellent phone look-ups feature, Intelius has a lot more going for it. It’s a little on the pricier side of the spectrum, but it delivers accurate, detailed reports that bring up data on a person’s past locations, financial information, educational history and more.

Intelius is a solid option for anyone who wants to gain a complete view of a person they’re currently vetting. The searches are confidential and in-depth, and the tool also comes with a social network viewer.

3. Instant Checkmate – Best for Verifying Social Media Profiles


  • Free trial available
  • Clean user interface
  • Unlimited reports


If you need a reliable, fuss-free background check company to verify new people in your life, like a potential date or new neighbor, Instant Checkmate could be a good option. Its name is a tad misleading in that its results aren’t as “instant” as we’d like, but there’s still a lot to like about this service.

The tool gathers its data from a wide range of sources, including social media accounts, and unlimited reports are available once you upgrade. Instant Checkmate is also available on tablets and smartphones.


It’s a bit of a shame that there are heaps of popups to fight, but an easy-to-use search function is a major plus, as is the fact that you can base a search around just three things: a person’s state, city and name. The tool comes with a reverse telephone look-up feature, too.

IC is undoubtedly one of the best background check companies out there!

4. Spokeo – Best Background Check Service for Reverse Email Look-ups


  • Great set of features
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for searching for long lost relatives


  • Can’t perform unlimited searches

Reverse email look-ups are a useful feature for a background check service to have, but still not many have it. Spokeo does – and it’s one of the best we’ve seen.

A reverse email look-up can come in handy in a variety of scenarios, including learning more about anyone who might be harassing you, or who you think is committing fraud.

Other than that, Spokeo is often used for tracking down long lost relatives and friends. It’s not the most comprehensive tool we’ve come across, but you can still use it to find contact details, past addresses and other such information. It’s not especially useful for things like credit checks and insurance screening, however.

5. GoodHire – Best for Professional Situations


  • Extensive background check reports
  • Integrates with HR software
  • Ideal for employment background checks


  • Turnaround time could be faster

The top background check services listed until now aren’t suitable for professional situations, like scanning potential new hires for a job. They’re made legal for personal situations only. GoodHire is different, though.

For that, we’re thankful…Recruiters have big decisions to make when bringing on their next hire, and it’s essential that you know exactly who might be working for you.

GoodHire is a background check service aimed at recruiters who want to carry out employee screenings and checks. It’s an efficient service that delivers exactly what you need – accurate, insightful reports that let you know more about your candidates. Then, you’re in a better position regarding what to do next.

The screening process is simple, you can check out things like credit history and past jobs in order to find red flags, and it’s also affordable. One little niggling issue is that different forms are required depending on the state, but this is an overall solid background check tool for employers.

6. InfoTracer – Best for Facial Recognition


  • Up-to-date sources
  • Safe and secure to use
  • Feature-rich


  • Can’t search social media accounts

One of the things that’s instantly noticeable about InfoTracer is how advanced the technology is. For example, it comes with a facial recognition search which lets you identify a person using just a photograph. We’ve tested this feature and found that it’s accurate and easily one of the best we’ve used so far.

Overall, InfoTracer is a versatile service that lets you search for things a lot of rival tools don’t. This includes dark web scans and even political contributions.The tool also comes with a reverse email and phone look-up feature, and while performing a simple search is free, you will need to upgrade in order to get the most out of InfoTracer.

7. US Search – Most Affordable Background Check


  • Small monthly fee
  • Established for 25 years
  • Trial period available


  • Basic (but functional) web design

Due to its low price, US Search is aimed at those who want to perform a background check on a budget. Is it possible to perform a comprehensive background check on a budget? Well, you can’t go too deep into the data here because US Search only leverages public databases.Bugger.

However, you can search according to a person’s phone number, name, home address and email address, as well as their social media profile. It’s perfect for anyone who just wants to track someone down from their past, such as a relative or ex-partner.

And while the service is cheap, US search uses 40+ technology services and is super credible (it’s been around for 25 years). Just don’t expect a fancy or enticing user experience on the website, they stick with a straightforward approach.

8. PeopleFinders – Best for One-Off Background Checks


  • 3-day $1 trial
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Mobile app available


  • Fee required if you wish to cancel

Most of the background check services in our list require you to subscribe to a membership plan or pay a monthly fee. In other words, you can’t pay for single reports (pay-per-report). PeopleFinders is different in that you can pay for one-off reports if that suits you best. Moreover, a $1 three-day trial period is available, too.It’s a steal.

As well as being flexible on the payment front, PeopleFinders is especially useful for those who want to reconnect with old friends or relatives they’ve lost touch with. Its reports are limited and you can’t go deep into the data, but a top-notch mobile app is a major bonus.

9. BeenVerified – Best for Specialized Data


  • Easy-to-use service
  • Unique features
  • App available


BeenVerified is a highly reputable background check tool that’s been around for a number of years.We think it deserves our award for “best for specialized data” because it has services and features that are generally missing from other tools. These include a court runner service and an unclaimed property search. We also like the fact that you can perform a search using multiple data points.


The pricing plan is affordable, and while there’s a paywall before you can see the search results, the user interface is excellent and customer support is good.

10. Universal Background Screening – Best Background Checker for Drug Testing


  • Drug screening feature
  • Customize your search templates
  • Accredited service


  • Not the best for personal searches

Universal Background Screening is another specialized background check company that’s a fully legal option for professional situations.It’s an ideal background check company if you want to perform a drug screening/test, such as on job applicants. And to make sure everything is legit and you don’t get into trouble, the tool comes with an e-consent tool so that everyone knows what’s going on.

We like that, as well as the fact that Universal Background Screening covers a lot of ground with its reports, including professional licenses, employment history and county court records.

Also, its pricing structure works similarly to PeopleFinders in that you don’t have to lock yourself into a monthly contract.

11. PeopleTrail – Best for Accuracy


  • Accurate reports
  • FCRA compliant
  • Excellent customer support


One of the things we all look for when choosing a background check service is accuracy. The more accurate the reports are, so much the better.

PeopleTrail delivers accurate reports, which makes it ideal for anyone who needs absolutely precise data. It lets you screen employees using a variety of data points, including credit checks and professional license verification. Its results are also fast.

The customer service team is worth praising, too, while the service is NAPBS accredited and FCRA compliant.

12. EBI Inc – Best for International Searches


  • International search options
  • Highly reputable service
  • Integrates with HR systems


  • Not the best for personal use

One of the hindrances of some US background check services is that searches are strictly limited to the United States. Not so with EBI Inc, a background check tool that lets you search on an international scale.

Far and wide.

If you’re an International company searching for international employees, EBI Inc lets you find information on an individual’s health, education history, criminal history, and more.

13. Sterling – Best Background Check Service for Small Businesses


  • Great for small-to-medium companies
  • Lots of data points
  • Accurate, detailed reports


Sterling is primarily used by small to medium businesses who want to learn more about job applicants. You can use the tool to find credit reports, civil records, property records, criminal history and more.It’s our top pick for small to medium businesses simply because of how useful it is at vetting potential employees, but also because it integrates so well with HR systems.

Tiered pricing is offered, so you can choose a package that suits your needs, but there’s no mobile app available, unfortunately.

Background Check Services FAQs

We rounded up some of the most popular questions asked online about background check services. Our research answers them for you:

What Do Background Checks Look Like?

What background checks look like really depends on the exact services and features offered by the background check site.Background checks may include credit histories, criminal records, employment histories, education histories, as well as basic contact info, such as home address and email address.

What Should I Look for in a Background Check Service?

The most important thing to look for in a background check service is accuracy of the reports, as it’s this alone that will help you make a more informed decision about the person you’re looking up.

Other than that, it all comes down to your specific needs when performing background checks. However, here is a checklist of things you can look out for when choosing a background check site:

  • Accreditation and compliance
  • Accurate reports
  • Features, such as reverse phone lookup and family trees
  • Pricing structure (do they allow you to pay for a single report or is it a monthly subscription service?)
  • Types of checks offered, such as employment background checks and motor vehicle records search
  • Customer support
  • Unlimited searches
  • Unlimited background checks

Is It Against the Law To Do Personal Background Checks?

While it’s not against the law to perform background checks, per say, it’s still a good idea to ask the individual in question for consent first.Some background check tools actually come with a helpful e-consent feature that eliminates any possibility that you might get sued while searching for their social media accounts, address history and so on.

Who Should Perform a Background Search?

Anyone can perform a background search for identity verification purposes if they’re unsure about a certain individual. A background check gives you more peace of mind, can help to protect your organization’s reputation, and generally helps you to make better, more informed decisions regarding what to do next.

How Much Do Background Check Sites Cost?

While most background sites are affordable, some are naturally more expensive than others. Pricing usually comes down to how in-depth the services are of any given site. Also, while some offer single report pricing, most offer a monthly subscription package.

You’ll find that services aimed at individuals looking to track down long lost relatives are less expensive than services aimed at businesses who need detailed, comprehensive reports. Remember, for the latter, you have to choose specific sites like GoodHire.

Final Thoughts on Background Check Services

Choosing the right background check service for you will allow you to perform accurate checks and get the information you need. This will ensure you’re able to confirm whether or not a person is who they say they are, before taking appropriate action.

Click Here for a Comprehensive Background Check Today

Just make sure to do your research on background check companies before creating an account. We wish you the best of luck.

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