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13 virtual game night ideas that everyone will love

If you told me a year ago that I would still come up with virtual game night ideas in spring 2021, I would have My year of rest and relaxation-ed myself. But here we are, and you know what? It’s okay! Although there is a lifelong aversion Game and group activities, now I find myself looking forward to game nights. It’s a sweet and funny way to connect, see the beautiful face of my loved one and do something other than staring into the Zoom gap while everyone talks.

Chances are by now, you can try your hand at a virtual game night or two. This might also mean you know that not all virtual game nightlife ideas are created equal. They have to be attractive, dumb, and relatively low-key to truly be successful. This is not a stressful situation and the stakes are high. Trying to get people involved is hard enough, so why complicate matters? Luckily, there’s a virtual game for every skill, age, and commitment level.

Save these options for online wine nights with girlfriend, virtual family gatherings or even for a team building day with colleagues. You never know when it would be helpful to have a list of suggestions when trying to plan a more structured virtual hangout. Collect outside For one night games may not be entirely workable for everyone yet, so for now, we have virtual options.

Check out these 13 virtual game night ideas before you start your next Zoom feature.

If you’ve never played Jackbox gameI highly recommend you try on your next virtual game night. Everyone can participate in a party pack that includes five different games for up to eight players. There are drawing games, word games, and more. The games have a very mature vibe and the hilarious storyteller has a sense of sarcastic, sarcastic humor that will make your team laugh.

Tap on your inner player and fire up Nintendo Switch with your friends. As long as everyone has a set, you’re good to go. I’m personally part of MarioKart, but not a 90s kid?

While this requires both sides to have a physical Guess Who game in each of their locations, it’s worth the small investment. Take it to the next level and play what my friend Jessie likes to call “The Concepts,” where you ask purely subjective questions like, “Did your people idealize the memory of Marilyn Monroe? or “Does your partner roll his own cigarettes and wear a beanie in hot weather?”

I was a bit obsessed with playing a virtual game that the elderly have traditionally played in nursing homes. And who doesn’t love Bingo? It’s easy, fun, sweet and free over My free Bingo card. Additionally, you can upgrade to a custom game through Interactive party.

Houseparty had a strong run in the early months of the pandemic, but it was certainly overdue to return. The app features free games that you can play with up to three other friends like Pictionary, Trivia, etc.It’s surprisingly fun and a really easy way to connect with people, as You can send out invitations to play and you don’t need to get out of bed to do so.

Pub Trivia

What I would dedicate for a night out at a shabby pub, screaming incorrect answers into an ether bottle while sipping a crunchy cold beer. I’m not even a big beer drinker! But alas, now we’re going to have to stick to virtual puzzles. Luckily, it’s easy to recreate a night of pub chat via Zoom with a group of friends. Choose moderators to write and ask questions, set up games now Random puzzle generatorOr join a game at People love to drink.

Heads Up is a free, fun, and surprisingly fun app that is surprisingly fun to play with a large team, whether virtual or live. There are over 75 different categories to choose from, making it accessible to a wide range of ages. Play with your big family or your best friends the next time you have a virtual get-together. You will be amazed at how often you will stand up and laugh.

Photo of Jenna Peffley.

Word puzzle game

Pantoparty Make it easy with the online version of card generation with random words to action. They even have a kids version if it’s a family game night.


If you’ve come to quarantine without buying a wireless karaoke rig checkerboard mic, Hello. I lived for about nine days and have tortured my neighbors ever since. A quick YouTube search will give you a karaoke version of whatever song you choose, so you can sing your precious heart out loud during the night.

Cards against humanity

All bad tags facilitate the creation of a virtual game that can be played on your phone or laptop. Your friends can join the digital games room with a shareable link so everyone can see what’s happening in real time. They also have a family friendly version!

Don’t be fooled by the weird name, this sounds like fun because it’s addictive. Think of it like Russian Roulette and UNO have merged. If it still makes you pause, know that Exploding Kittens is partnering with the Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS), a national “non-killing” animal rescue organization and is donating to BFAS to help save the kids. cat. Ask your friends to download the app and enjoy.


Need to hone your card playing skills? Check out the game now PlayingCards.io. It includes classics like Dominoes, Cribbage, Hearts, Crazy Eights, etc.Like Jackbox and other virtual game centers, friends can join you with room codes so you guys can be together. practice those skills.

Looking to really go out? Put your friends and family together virtual and join one of the Game Night In organizers for a 90-minute private game night. The host guides the players through everything, so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the games. Who wouldn’t like an enjoyable, arranged game night with minimal effort?



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