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14 spring noodle recipes that will take you to Italy

Ahhh… the sweet taste of a new season is filling the air and we’re salivating for it spring production Now we can play with in the kitchen. Think asparagus, artichokes, arugula, mint, peas and turnips – there’s so much to explore. But just because it’s warmer doesn’t mean we have to eliminate one of our favorite meals from the menu. Enter: recipes spring pasta. With all the freshest green veggies and herbs, these delicious recipes will make you feel as good as you want them to be.

There’s something about pasta in warm weather that makes us feel nostalgic about Italy. I think it’s safe to say that we all feel guilty of travel after a year and a half under quarantine, but who says you need to get on a plane to be transported to the Italian coast? Why not book tickets to the culinary capital of the world through your delicious dishes.

If, like us, you’re craving for an Italian dish, head over to the farmers’ market this week and pack your pasta with all the incredible seasonal ingredients to create 14 pasta recipes. this spring – then close your eyes and let your senses take you away. We will meet you there!

It was on Camille’s first evening in Italy when she spun a perfect pasta and bit into the perfect piece of carbonara. Maybe it was the fact that she was sitting in a vineyard in Italy, or maybe it was actually the perfect spaghetti carbonara recipe passed down from chef Nonna, but she has pursued those flavors since. from that. And this is the recipe she concocted to replicate that magic noodle. And we recommend cooking this with bucatini pasta – it looks like thick spaghetti from the outside, but empty on the inside, means it’s filled with sauce. No, you don’t dream!

It was during a trip to Capri Island when Camille first tasted the famous Caprese salad. The key to emulating the Italian version is to use the fattest, most delicious buffalo mozzarella you can find (try this from Whole Foods). Now, the Caprese penne pasta is one of her dinners of the week: it bursts with our favorite freshness and takes just 10 minutes to prepare from start to finish. What about not in love? We are also obsessed with Half Baked Harvest Caprese pesto pasta grilled!

This delicious easy vegan option is perfect for spring break gatherings as you can do it ahead of time. It also contains plenty of seasonal vegetables, green beans and lemon sauces. Spring pasta doesn’t taste any better than this.

It was at the week-long “Bootcamp” at the Culinary Institute in Napa Valley, where instructor Chef John Ash introduced how to make the best pesto ever and Camille used his tips. from that. The secret to taking your pesto flavor to the next level? First, blanch the herbs and garlic before adding the remaining ingredients to enhance the flavor and remove the bitterness. And second, instead of mixing it with the more traditional pine nut and basil mix, mix it with the herbs and nuts of your choice.

If you’re looking for spring pasta recipes for twice the comfort food then look no further than this rich, creamy ricotta pasta with caramel lime and fresh basil. Finish it off with spicy bread crumbs for a delicious crunchy side dish. It’s the perfect, easy spring dinner that’s great any night of the week.

It’s one of the easiest meals to throw together but according to Sugar Salted, it tastes like a hundred bucks. As you all know it’s asparagus season and we don’t know about you, but that’s all we feel like eating right now. The trick with this recipe is to pre-cook the asparagus in a pot of brine for about 10 minutes, take it out and add the pasta. This allows the pasta to absorb asparagus juice and thus enhances its flavor. Genius!

With warmer weather coming for intimate gatherings and we are all looking forward to after a year of isolation! While this beautiful ravioli requires a little more preparation than the other spring noodle recipes on this list, we can say for sure it’s absolutely worth it (just see Your dinner guests’ eyes light up before their beauty is enough with us).

After watching Stanley Tucci’s Search Italy, Suruchi was motivated to create her own version of the famous Apaghetti alla Nerano – and she wasn’t disappointed. This noodle dish will take you to the Amalfi Coast and beyond with a delicious, coastal-inspired flavor – that’s the next best thing until you can really book tickets there!

Clam dish with fresh clams in garlic white wine sauce is one of those fancy-sounding dinners and you’ll be right! But, truthfully speaking, Foodie Crush says that this pasta recipe is truly one of the easy and budget-friendly pasta recipes you can make. What are you waiting for?

While we haven’t really come across a noodle dish we don’t like, our favorite recipes are simple, quick, and delicious. This recipe is all that but it’s also on our list of top spring noodle recipes as it has four of our favorites: butter, burgers, fresh spring beans, watercress and basil, and prosciutto (aka the ultimate side dish for almost all Italian Dinner cheeses). We guarantee you will eat it with your own eyes.

With fresh veggies, this gluten-free pasta primavera is a seriously satisfying meal with a healthy twist – perfect for spring. The vegetables you include here can be purely seasonal (and completely up to your taste). Simply combine, experiment and have fun with the great thing spring production be available now.

Use vegan cream cheese from her The best Mac ‘n’ Cheese recipe is gluten-freeThis delightful, spring pasta recipe has all the flavors of the season with a light, laid-back twist. Oh, and it only took 30 minutes from start to finish. Did we convince you?

Meet your new beloved hybrid pasta recipe. A combination of rich fettuccine alfredo sauce and veggie primavera, this easy-to-make fettuccine pasta features spring vegetables (e.g. asparagus, onions and peas with herbs) in mild creamy and creamy lemon-cream cheese sauce.

Yes, this vegetarian ketchup is easy but it’s the base dish. That’s proof that you really don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen cooking a good meal. This requires fresh (or dried) spring herbs like oregano, basil and parsley with a dash of garlic sautéed onion. If you want to level up, use the season’s sweet ripe tomatoes, but canned tomatoes will do that too.



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