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15 Ideas to Promote Your Next Event

You know the saying, “If a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one around to hear it, will it make a sound?”

Well, the event promotion is the same thing. If you organize an event but don’t promote it, will it happen? Without ads, you probably won’t get any attendees as no one will know it’s happening.

Although in theory promoting the event is simple, in practice planning a successful marketing strategy and promotion plan is not.

Of course, you’ve seen large-scale event promotions. But you’re probably thinking, “We don’t have that kind of budget.” or “What are the more innovative ways to increase brand awareness and generate leads?”

Well, that’s what we’ll explore in this post. Let’s review some of our favorite ways to creatively promote your event without getting breached.

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1. Recommend early registration.

A great way to promote your events is to offer sign up soon. This will encourage your audience to sign up for your event early.

Also, this should give you a good idea of ​​how to continue promoting your event – do people care? What is their objection? Is your current marketing plan working?

With early registration, you’ll be able to gauge your audience’s interest and your marketing tactics. Plus, it encourages people to buy ticket as soon as possible for the discount.

2. Place signage outside of your business.

Of course, good vintage banners are a great way to raise local awareness about an event.

You can post these outside of your business, or if you don’t have a traditional business, then you can post banners throughout the local area where you’ll host the event.

3. Product an innovative landing page.

The landing page for your event is the primary way to communicate information about your event. You should post all details about the event – date, time, location, subject, goal, etc.

In addition, you can post the agenda so everyone knows what will be like at the event. You can also use this page to post about the speakers or influencers you attend.

You should also include photos or videos from your most recent event and have a FAQ page that answers any recurring questions.

And of course, you’ll want to link to your social media pages and make a call to action on the page for people to buy tickets.

4. Participate in content marketing.

Before your event, you should start posting about it across your content marketing channels.

You can post a CTA in your YouTube video, discuss the event in blog posts, talk about the event in a podcast, or post on social media.

Any channel you use to post content marketing content can be used as a way to promote your event.

5. Event-specific branded.

Another great way to showcase your event is by building the event branding. Make your event a brand of its own. This is how HubSpot promotes the INBOUND event. INBOUND is a separate brand from HubSpot. It is not just an event for our customers. It’s an event for any marketer, salesman or service professional looking to learn more and train on their own.

To do this, separate the event brand from your corporate branding. There is another website, different colors, different messages, etc. This will help attract people who don’t know about your company and have just seen the event.

6. Use email marketing to reach your audience.

Of course, email marketing is a major way to reach your existing audience. You should promote your events via email to a diverse audience.

This will keep everyone who knows about your company aware of the event. Alternatively, you can give email subscribers a discount to encourage existing fans of your company to attend.

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7. Post behind-the-scenes articles before the event.

Social media is another major way in which you can promote your events.

One of my favorite event promotion strategies to follow as a consumer is to watch behind-the-scenes posts. I love a story or BTS’s Instagram post showing how a company is preparing for an event.

Lead to your event, post about that event on social media. Post about friends who attended your event or any cool decorations. This will keep your followers excited about the event and possibly convince them to buy tickets.

8. Re-target advertising on social media.

We all know that social media is a place where people spend a lot of their time. If they come across your company or advertise another event, then social retargeting ads are a great way to keep your eyes on it.

You want people to constantly see your brand and remind them of the event. Even if someone thinks an event is a good idea, they may not be able to buy tickets right away. Retargeting is a great way to acquire those customers at a later date.

9. Create a hashtag # event.

While you’re promoting your event, a great way to talk with attendees or people who are thinking about registration is through a hashtag # event. This will help you keep track of mentions and keep chatting with people who want to attend your event.

This can also help you become trending and increase the number of people who know and watch your events.

During the event, again, this is a place for people to ask questions and for you to interact with attendees.

10. Work with key speakers, influencers, other brands and sponsors.

Collaboration is one of the best ways to promote your event. Consider having event sponsors wanting to promote the event for you.

You may also have brand partnerships where you work with other companies who will tell their audience about your event.

Also, promote the charisma of your main speakers or any influencer you are working with. This is a great way to reach out to their audience to get a better understanding of your event.

It’s important to leverage other people’s tracking so that people outside of your audience hear about your events.

11. Run a contest on social networks.

If you have run social media contests in the past and are successful, a social media contest or giveaway can be a good way to promote your event.

You can hold a contest where the winner will receive a ticket. Maybe they have to like your posts or comment and tag some friends. Either way, social contests will get you noticed.

12. Create social media filters.

A fun way to promote your event is to use social media filters. You can create a special event for your event and feature it on your social media.

If you make others use a filter, you’ll automatically advertise your event to their audience.

13. Advertising on social media.

We can’t discuss event advertising without talking about social media advertising. Again, people spend a lot of time on social media. Running ads with similar looking audiences on Facebook is a great way to advertise to unsightly audiences.

14. Post to Facebook and community groups.

Social media communities and groups are also great places to promote an event. It could be a Facebook group or a subreddit.

Additionally, you’ll want to create a social networking event page so you can share it in different groups or communities.

15. Organize a challenge or takeover on social networks.

Challenge and takeover on social media is a fun way to engage your audience. With the social media challenge, your audience can interact directly with your company or brand. If you organize a social takeover with an influencer, again, you can reach their entire audience.

Social media posts, challenges, live streams, and takeovers are great ways to promote your event.

Now that you have some ideas on how to promote your event, it’s time to start thinking about the timeline. When will you do these? How close should you promote the event? Let’s discuss below.

Event Advertising Process

3-4 months before your event

  • Email marketing: Email previous attendees, early buyer discounts, etc.
  • Posted in social media groups
  • Create events on Facebook
  • Advertise influencers / speakers / sponsors
  • Launch website / landing page
  • Branding for specific events
  • Post local banners

6-8 weeks before your event

  • Advertise influencers / speakers / sponsors
  • Set up search engine campaigns and any online advertising
  • Content production
  • Run a contest on social media
  • End of promotion for early buyers

3-5 weeks before your event

  • Small email marketing campaigns
  • Re-target social media ads
  • Ask partner brands / sponsors to post about your event
  • Create social media filters

1-2 weeks before your event

  • Create hashtags on social media
  • Post behind-the-scenes content on social media
  • Use the message “last call”

2-6 days before your event

  • Send email reminders to those who are interested
  • Advertising on social media
  • Add BTS content

The date of your event

  • Run your hashtags
  • Be active on social media
  • Take photos / record videos and post them online
  • Interact with your attendees online

After the event

  • Thank you everyone for coming
  • Look at the success of your event promotion
    • Did everyone talk about your event? Can content marketing help? Will social traffic lead to ticket sales?
  • Submit a survey – for both employees and customers – asking how they like the event, what they like, what they think can be improved, etc.

Promoting an event is like juggling. There are many moving parts to manage. This list, while not exhaustive, will get you started to brainstorm the best ways to promote your event.

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