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15 million shots. ‘Herd immunity in August’ – Chronicles

On the day that Italy exceeded 15 million vaccinations, the announcement from the EU coming from the EU that our country will have “in the next three months, 54 million of the four vaccines approved so far, three times the amount received so far. This was stated by internal market commissioner Thierry Breton, interviewed by Fabio Fazio, emphasizing that this would allow “vaccinations for 70% of adults by July”.

The announcement came on the day when data indicated by Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo confirmed the acceleration of the vaccination campaign, according to Health Minister Roberto Speranza, marking “another stage: one million doses of the vaccine-” Please be used for 3 days – he said – “. At this rate, according to Regional Affairs Minister Mariastella Gelmini, herd immunity could be reached by August or September. And while delivery of more than 400,000 doses of Moderna arrived last night at Pratica di Mare national center is underway, the new week of the anti-Covid vaccination campaign in Italy will be marked on Tuesday with a key decision by the European Pharmaceutical Authority (Ema) on Johnson & Johnson, Single-dose drugs have been blocked after a few cases of thrombosis on seven million regulatory agencies in the United States.

The possible green light on the US company’s preparation, with possible use of it for people over the age of 60 such as AstraZeneca, will give new impetus to the vaccination phase of the elderly and frail old people. Exactly on Astrazeneca’s side, European Commissioner Breton said that the EU’s contract with the company, which expires on June 30, is in danger of renewal due to cumulative delivery delays: “My preference is as ways are vaccine managers who we contract with on-time delivery We have ordered 120 million doses for the first quarter and 180 million doses for the second quarter. AstraZeneca has delivered the first 30 million doses. and then 70 million, “he said. And in any case, “nothing is definitive, we will continue to discuss,” he added. Going back to Italy’s vaccination campaign, one fact is certainly accelerating from previous weeks: one million doses are injected over three days, of which more than 358,000 are on Friday and, as Matteo Renzi wrote on Fb, 410,000 injections on Saturday. Emergency Commissioner Figliuolo revised his forecast of half a million injections per day in April, promising 315,000 doses between 16 and 22 instead, and the goal appears to be achievable.

Overall, more than 10.6 million citizens received at least one dose of the drug, nearly 18% of the population. More than 4.4 million (7.45% of the population) also received a second dose. About 53% of those over 70 years old – those at greatest risk – are covered in whole or in part. Regional Affairs Minister Gelmini believes that “by conducting vaccination at this rate for several months, in August to September, we can achieve herd immunity”, reaching around 70 % of the population is vaccinated. “The regions are vaccinating according to the priority categories – he said -, the vaccine arrives and there is no dose to keep in the refrigerator, as I think it is happening.” A few days ago, 1.5 million injections were still kept, more than one million AstraZenecas injections, mainly for boosters, but also a percentage of Anglo-Swedish vaccine wastage. Regarding J&J, we will see the post-judgment effect of the EMA.

According to Sole 24 Ore’s website, using the Department of Health’s database, at this rate 70% of Italians will be vaccinated even if it is withdrawn no earlier than early December. The practice is particularly good in Lazio, where 1.5 million vaccinations – a tenth of the total – get one in five people out of five. This didn’t stop a 64-year-old Roman businessman from coming to Sicily for the Open Weekend with AstraZeneca without a reservation, a Regional initiative that quadrupled vaccinations. The good news is also from Veneto, where 89.9% of those over 80 have taken at least one dose. President Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini stated: “From next week, we will start with people over the age of 60”, according to Emilia President Romagna Stefano Bonaccini’s announcement, “the problem is not our organization ( Area, ed), where is in insufficient dosage “. 4.2 million will arrive on Thursday, plus 670,000 ‘additional’ Pfizer by the end of the month



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