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15 ways to be passionate and pop up when you want

For many people, it takes a bit longer to get in the mood, and that’s okay.

Humans process sensual and sexual experiences through a series of interactions between the so-called “accelerators” and “brakes” of their sexual response systems, also known as Dual control model of sexual response. The easiest way to think about it: the accelerator activates us, and the brake turns us off. When your brakes are dominant, you can struggles with being turned onWhile your accelerator is dominant, you can get there much more easily.

“Arousal is about the balance between the accelerator and the brake,” says Tazima Parris, a sex coach, pleasure advisor and founder of Infinite Relating. How do you balance them? Background.

How our personal systems work, whether our brakes or accelerators dominate and how they work together, not only depends on the genitals we are born with. It depends on who we are: what we like, we don’t. Like, what stresses us, what makes us feel hot, where we are in life. Find out what interests you It’s about creating the best setting for fun, with as few plays as possible.

Here are a few simple but concrete examples of how to create those contexts to get you inspired when you want, sourced from experts.



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