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2 Secrets of Online Media Presentations #NoBSPresentations

July 19, 2017

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When you convert a powerful presentation into a webinar and put a system in place to get your audience to it, there are two big tips to consider and keep in mind:

1. When they watch it on the screen, it’s TV.

I have done a lot over the years with half-hour information shows aired on TV – for information products and courses, for free preview seminars taking place in cities. ranging for money-making opportunities, for skin care and cosmetic products, for weight loss and fitness products and a host of other products and services. What I learned about viewers and what was most effective in capturing and grabbing their attention, generating interest and getting them off their chairs and on the phone with commercial information brought me Unique advantages in writing and producing videos for webinars. I’ve always thought of it as TV.

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People have certain expectations about TV. There are certain formats that they are very familiar with, expect, have been conditional to accept and are eager to pay attention to. broadcasts, day broadcasts, and cable TV news chats have a clear look, feel, and choreography to them. This makes the kit very important. Most news and chat programs today have a kind of streaming through the bottom of the screen, graphically – like “Hot News” – and usually the big screen where the video or graph and graph are. display. When a viewer finds themselves watching it, they know they are watching a news program.

Day chat programs like Ellen they often have more of a living room feel. Morning programs like The Today Show There are different segments in different types of sets – news, living room, kitchen. Most TVs have a lot of activity and movement with it. Very static performances, for two people on the desk like Larry King or Charlie Rose was near death. Occasionally you’ll see a commercial done this way, as it’s cheap to do, but you won’t come across any major players using that format as people expect everything to happen. On tv.

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At GKIC, the company I founded, we perfected a format and recipe for new information product launches with a series of exciting short videos followed by a four-hour live stream. , a host, and sometimes other guests. The webcast is divided into three identical segments as a commercial with pre-recorded advertisements for the offered product inserted at three times. Each of these web / webcast “event” seminars has generated revenue from hundreds of thousands to over a million dollars. A number of different sets have been used throughout the three years of the series, always keeping an eye on it as being viewed as a TV.

2. Online webinars v. Presented directly

There are many things you can do online that are impractical or too expensive to do in a live presentation. This is especially true if you are presenting dozens or hundreds of times a year in different locations and locations, but also if you are presenting only once a month to a small audience crowded in your conference room. your office. For example, consider the use of testimonials. It’s great that a live presentation has three or four clients, your most obvious, most enthusiastic client or patient present, standing or being put on stage and being interviewed or told by you. their front and back. But they probably won’t get on your bus and accompany you to 20 different cities, and even if they do, they’ll get tired of performing and less and less efficient.

And you can’t use video, because unfortunately, during live presentations, the audience tends to adjust when watching the video. Some even resented it. However, with a webinar they watched TV and cutting off short video testimonials was like and a guest cut the guest video. You can get your celebrity client to tell your story the most enthusiastically, be it on a yacht he bought with the money he earned from your system or in the kitchen happily cooking. while talking about the classes he took in the culinary school that you run. of your kitchenware store. You can have him appear in your webinar 10, 100 or 1,000 times and he never gets tired – every time as fresh as flowers.

There are also all kinds of on-screen graphics, split-screen images, PowerPoint slides with voice, demonstrations shot in real-life scenarios rather than inside conference rooms, and Other effects that you can use to enhance webinars cannot be implemented in a live, stand-alone presentation.

Remember, all of this is about leveraging a powerful, proven presentation that goes live and direct to an audience. This is combining and combining that presentation with the techniques and formats of live feedback TV commercials to combine with effective webinars, video sales letters, or even live webcast.

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This brings me to the third and final point: use. When you have a powerful, efficient presentation, you want to use it in as many different ways and in as many different media as possible. It or parts of it can become sales and literature for direct mail, a book or book for authority and “impact” and lead leads, audio CDs, DVDs and Moreover. Materials can also be reused for lead generation, sales and appointment tracking, no sales. Single representation of power becomes the foundation of many media.

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