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23 Memorial Day recipes to play Jazz for your next BBQ party

Can you feel it? That flash of euphoria begins to emerge as the summer months approach? anniversary will be here before we know it, kicking off the summer and paving the way for all the season’s delicious treats—watermelon, hamburgers, margaritas, popsicles, it doesn’t get better than that! Whether you are a fan of barbecue every night or want a delicious treat Dessert options to transport down seasideWe’ve introduced you to these 23 Memorial Day recipes.

These Memorial Day treats are not only perfect for your next barbecue, but they also make great additions to your weekly recipes. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to break them out. Actually, I’m feeling hungry just thinking about them! We have everything you need for a delicious and fun meal, including appetizers, main courses, desserts, drinks and vegetarian options. Record your favorites so you can come back and see them over and over.

Read on for the 23rd Anniversary Recipes you’ll want to preview the next family dinner:


You may already be cooking, so why not add these marinated chili for a delicious appetizer. The combination of smoky chili, salty chili and cream burrata creates an explosion of flavors.

Start your meal with a hearty salad that will take you to the Italian countryside. It’s a satisfying, delicious and equally classy addition to any meal. You know you can’t do it wrong with prosciutto.

Flat breads are incredibly easy to throw together and even easier at a toast. It’s easy to eat while standing and absolutely delicious.

Sinking is just a festival, isn’t it? I can make a whole meal with them, and this hot dipped corn is no exception. It is warm, salty and includes the coolest ingredients of summer: corn.

Grilled artichokes are one of the dishes that seem to be high-end, but actually quite simple. Lemon garlic aioli enhances the earthy artichoke flavor and is also summer.


Try spinning your next burger with these burger sliders. Breaded pickles are a delightful addition to these already delicious little burgers.

Can’t decide between shrimp and steak? Why not both? Mix it up with a bit of surfing. It is definitely a crowd pleaser.

If you are looking for a grill but want to enhance your everyday barbecue experience, try this one. It’s rustic but also elegant and uses some of our favorite summer ingredients like corn and okra.

My mouth gulped at the thought of this delicious and rich burger, but the corn fritters are trying their best to steal the show. Cue Veruca Salt: “I want it now!”

Chicken skewers are a great way to bake something a little lighter than red meat while still providing your daily protein intake.

Sometimes you just want a large piece of meat on the grill, and this steak satisfies that hunger. It was perfectly seasoned, and couldn’t be more perfect for a summer evening.

The orange-chili yeast on the pork complements the sweetness of the carrots perfectly. It’s a creative way to use some of our favorite ingredients for the season. You will definitely come back to this recipe from time to time.

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again: I simply love sandwiches. Given the current state of the world, about 90% of my tweets revolve around sandwiches. And if I knew about this three-tip baking recipe half a decade ago, you could be sure it would pick up a celebratory tweet. You can’t miss this recipe!

Sure, this grilled eggplant and chimichurri could easily be a side dish, but it’s so delicious that it can completely make the main course itself.


Peach cake From Reading My Tea Leaves

Few fruits are more reminiscent of summer than peaches, and this pleasant peach is both simple and delicate and easy to make.

Can’t stop, won’t stop with carrot recipes. These cupcakes contain no g, so they are perfect for dieters.

This fusion cake is absolutely worth turning on on a hot sunny day. All you want from a classic cherry pie with a crispy sweet top of the crumbs.

Don’t want to turn on the oven on a hot day? No problem. These chocolate mint brownie bars work together without baking, so you can satisfy that sweet feeling without having to cook it in the kitchen.

We cannot get enough of this stone. Try making your next ice cream recipe with these honey-grilled peaches. You may have already prepared your steaks, so you can bake them too!


There is some saying that summer is quite similar to margarine, and this spicy grapefruit version is an important update to the classic version. Spicy and spicy, with just one push to get your gears working!

You will achieve this recipe every hot day this summer. It is sweet, spicy and has a moderate amount of foam.

I can actually smell this fragrant cocktail smell through my computer screen. If only I had a covered awning to lie on and a neck fan to keep me cool on wet days. That is absolute perfection!

Bring out the charm with this elegant spritz. Perfect for a fun in the desert, your family’s next brunch and of course, Memorial Day. But you definitely don’t need a special occasion to try this delicious dish.



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