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29.3% of young students don’t know how to download files from school platforms – Chronicle

They are called ‘digital natives’ and this year due to Covid they worked mainly at Dad but up to 29.3% of these kids were unable to download files from the school platform; 32.8% do not know how to use the browser for teaching activities; 11% could not share the screen during a zoomed call. This is what emerges from the first pilot survey on poverty in digital education conducted by Save the Children, which reiterates, (Istat data), absolute poverty in adolescents in 2020 has reached the highest level since 2005: in Italy there are 1 million and 346 thousand (13.6%), an increase of more than 209 thousand compared to the previous year. From the results of the survey, conducted on a sample of 772 13-year-old children, in the last grade of lower secondary school, in 11 Italian provinces and cities: Ancona, Chieti, Mestre, Milan, Naples, Udine, Palermo, Rome, Turin, Velletri, Sassari, girls do better than boys.

Save the Children, in 10 months reached 160,000 children, children and young people, their families and teachers in 89 neighborhoods of 36 cities and metropolitan areas with interventions of this organization to combat the effects of covid-19, relaunch the ‘Let’s rewrite the future’ campaign, fight education and digital poverty, with an invitation to sign the ‘Declaration’ written in collaboration with young people of the Upside Down Youth Movement, who demand “escape from stealth and become central to policies to restart the country, with concern more to schools and educational opportunities”.

The campaign’s emblem is the red glasses that Save the Children “ask people to wear in order to ultimately see more clearly the needs, requirements and desires of young people”. The endorser is Save the Children’s ambassador Cesare Bocci, who in a video interviews the children and accepts requests to watch and listen.


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