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29 Things To Do For Bored Children (Not On Screen)

The summer vacation is a leap, skipping, and it’s all over and we (admit to be very surprised) parents now have to turn our heads in our new title as “director of social operations. “In the next three months. After a year of phasing out virtual schools and Zoom playgrounds, my top priority is to keep technology from becoming summer babysister. So I need a to-do list with bored kids, statistics!

If hindsight has taught me anything, it’s that my kids started their summer school break with a very bright, high achievement. Initially, it was cycling, playing in the backyard, just barely stuffing a piece of lunch in his mouth before heading back to the pool. I rub their heads in the sun as they climb into bed, only to hear them giggle happily in the night with their siblings. That mounted symphony lasted about a week.

Then, bored sounds began to echo on each wall of the house. Throwing in a whimper and a bit of quarrel, plus the obscene sound of the song “moOOmmmm!” And that’s all I can do to not lock myself in the pantry.

This year, preparation will be my sanity. Gathering a list of activities that will keep your child busy, motivated, comprehensively developed and grounded will help keep good vibes flowing and create a memorable, balanced summer for the whole family. family.

Keep reading to discover 29 ways I am stopping boredom, then let us know in the comments… how do you entertain your kids while they are at home?

Something is working

1. Family Yoga. Invest in yoga mat for the whole family, spread them out over the grass, and encourage each other to bond, move, and connect.

2. Dance party. Boost up your Bluetooth speaker and take turns picking songs to play together. Have the children come up with fun dance moves that are then shown to the whole family at the end of the day. It’s also a great way for adults to start their day when work from home.

3. Slide and slide the new date. When summer days come our way and there is no swimming pool in sight – your kids will love one slide-n-slide for fun, fun. Don’t have slide n on your hands and don’t have time to run to the store? Encourage your child to create their own water park using a hose and some tarpaulin.

4. Make your own home parkour course. Grab the stepping stones (either bought or from the backyard), boulders, logs and sturdy furniture to create obstacles for your family. Activities like jumping, rock climbing and balancing help increase confidence and flexibility. Don’t have everything they need right in your yard? Consider choosing for this set, to replace.

Something imaginative

5. Create a fort or campsite outside the yard. Ideal for indoor or outdoor fun, break into closets and create an elaborate fort using blankets, sheets and pillows. Add points for Flashlight and tell stories inside.

6. Take a tour without leaving home. Inspire kids to think outside our borders by picking a country out of a welcome children’s book, Around the world with Mouk: A Trail of Adventure. Encourage them to learn about the culture, language, currency and even cuisine of the country of their choice.

7. Make miracles. Invest in a few the magician’s belongings Now, and by the end of this summer, they’ll probably pull a quarter out of your ear.

8. Lead puppet show. With just a few household items (clean socks, paper, scissors and glue) you can Make your own socks puppets and then hold a home puppet show.

Something for another

9. Book exchange. Encourage your child to start swapping books in the neighborhood. It will keep kids together and keep their reading skills free of dust.

10. Write a letter. Take a trip to the post office and allow them to choose stamp set. Then, encourage them to send in realistic handwritten letters to help brighten up the day with family or friends.

11. Set up a lemonade stand. Get all repairs for beverage lemonade (buy at the store or do it yourself). Then, donate the proceeds to a local charity of your choice.

12. Hit a neighbor’s lunch. Consider allowing the kids to make a neighbor’s brown bag lunch using food from your pantry. Nothing fancy. Think sammies, chips and maybe some homemade macaroons (we are part of these).

13. Craft drawings for the elderly. Especially now, loneliness is taking place in quiet corners. Encourage your child to draw or assemble a piece of art for a nearby assisted living, safely release it and wear a mask, and brighten up someone’s day.

Something creative

14. Make the vision board. Have a teacher, engineer or a future fashion designer in your hand? Allow kids to rummage through magazines and catalogs and create a collage that combines all of their hopes and dreams for their future, whether it’s a month, a year or a decade. .

15. Forced dyeing time. Grab some old tees and go to town with tie dye.

16. Make a blanket without seams. These are simple steps To make cozy, fleece blankets.

17. Get creative with butcher paper. Look for each other on white butcher one by one paper, color and cut them out and paste into the window.

18. Sharpen you origami skill. Add artwork to the family dining table to make the venue space proud.

19. Hit your own flowers. Get a book, something heavy to put on top, paper, and an array of flowers and leaves… and voila! Your child will have all they need Make beautiful pressed flowers at home.

Something delicious

20. Organize a barbecue. Are your children obsessed with Crucify it be my? Recreate the show in your own kitchen. Tips for moms: Milk bar: Only for children Cookbook teaches older children to bake delicious cakes in an easy-to-follow format without the help of mom and dad.

21. Create a smoothie test. Browse recipes and encourage your child to enjoy a top Chef-style smoothie. Starts with Pineapple or chocolate.

22. Beat homemade popsicles. An easy community tool that kids can do it all by themselves. We love these and these Or go further with Banana cream covered with chocolate.

23. Visiting the homeland’s cuisine. Get in the car and take a day out to see the sights you never have time to do, each time focusing on a different part of town or park. Take note of the delicious ice cream and local snack stops along the way and at the end of the summer you’ll have a main list.

24. Learn to make ice cream. Not only does it lead to a delicious food, but old school stirring process will also make the child tired.

Something effective

25. Car wash. Right. Grab an old bathing suit, remove the hose and head to town to scour your car. Turn it into a sensational festival and you’ll stay cool while making the cars clean.

26. Cleaning up. I know, I know, but give it a try. A little ‘whistle while they work’ can make all the difference. Turn on tunes, collect clothes and toys they no longer use, Place items in the correct storage bin and their preferences, and encourage them to make room in their personal space so that creativity can flourish!

27. Patrol neighborhood rubbish. Put on gloves, pick up some kitchen trash bags to collect the trash, and go to the street. Parents you will need to be present for this event unless your child is older.

28. Plant a garden. Collapse your garden gloves, shovel, herbs and seeds and head to the backyard town. Here’s how to get started.

29. Plan and prepare meals together. Allow your child to screen cookery book and decide on a meal. Then there is them ordering ingredients through Amazon Prime or Instacart, allowing kids to process every step of the process. When the grocer finally arrives, they unload, prepare and cook a meal. Bonus: they will never take home cooked dinner for granted again.



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