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3 AI-based digital marketing strategies your startup needs right now

Over the last decade, the use of AI has become a prominent feature in business software and now used by marketers to widen the gap between businesses in the current highly competitive landscape.

One of the biggest competitive advantages businesses tend to have over SMEs is resources. Smaller businesses often lack the financial and human support needed to make a real dent in the market.

Thanks to software democratization, AI tools play an important role in leveling the playing field, helping small businesses reduce manual work, automate processes, and improve efficiency.

The results speak for themselves, with 52% of marketers experiencing an increase in sales and one 51% noticed an increase in customer retention since the introduction of AI capabilities into the ecosystem, according to one Forbes report.

Know how to best integrate AI into your digital marketing strategy it might feel overwhelming, but it’s a much more seamless process than many realize. Here, we share how SMEs can use AI to amplify marketing efforts to drive customer engagement and brand awareness.

Enhance your position on online advertising

When it comes to online advertising, AI is the superpower all SMEs should strive for for three main reasons: to optimize ad spend, create engaging content, and drive creative campaigns. AI is being used by marketers to help determine how much budget should invest in brand campaigns, with 70% of marketers plan to significantly increase their AI spend over the next three years.

By constantly monitoring different channels and keeping an eye on how campaigns are performing, AI systems can help strategize the optimal cost, time, and platform for brand advertising.

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AI is also capable of supporting targeted campaigns by analyzing data about your core audience demographics, including their interests, interests, and keyword searches.

This data can then be leveraged to run digital campaigns and help show your business to other consumers who are similar to your target audience.

Create engaging content without the need for an ad writer

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, important content. Small and medium businesses can engage customers from the very first interaction and maintain engagement through engaging content that engages viewers.

AI is increasingly used to create written works, including ad copy, blog, articles, and captions. Notably Facebook and Instagram has AI-enabled tools That not only helps marketers to develop ads, but also suggests alternative variations to help diversify the content.

Time scarcity is a challenge many SMEs face, so if you are a small marketing team or the only entrepreneur wearing multiple operating caps, switch to using AI to Writing a copy will help record a period of time in your diary and allow you to focus on other areas of growth and development in your business.

Many businesses are now delegating the need to write promotional articles to AI-capable marketing platforms for creating targeted and optimized content.

This not only saves businesses significant time in copy development, but can also help inform which content will have better response and engagement rates, resulting in higher results.

Update your email marketing strategy

Email is dead, isn’t it? No way. Email is the bread and butter of SME marketing and is a great, cost-effective touchpoint to keep consumers actively engaged with your brand. But in a world filled with email marketing, how can SMEs ensure communications like e-newsletters are securing customer interest? With the help of AI.

Thanks to AI, email marketing is more powerful than ever through improved conversions, personalization, automation, and data analytics. AI can analyze brand historical emails to identify subject lines that perform best based on opens and clickthrough rates, which can help marketers optimize in the future.

After all, the best email in the world won’t go unnoticed if nobody opens it, and with 40% of consumers Deciding whether to open the email based on the subject line or not, the AI-informative subject line can help eliminate clutter.

Likewise, if you consider The top three reasons people unsubscribe Since email is volume; irrelevant content; and without brand recognition, the use of AI can help SMEs stand out in an overcrowded (and inbox) market.

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By turning real-time, contextual data from social and digital advertising channels into understandable insights and recommendations, AI can eliminate the guesswork of marketing to help businesses. no large or experienced marketing team.

Half of all small businesses fail within the first two years and marketing, or ineffective marketing, is often one of the main reasons why.

Get tactical and work with AI-powered technology to make sure your startup doesn’t add to the stats.

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