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3 easy ways to prove winter to your modest whereabouts – Beth Owen

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With a cold winter fast approaching, we need to make sure our pads are ready to withstand the intense cold. It’s so easy to enjoy the cool summer weather in our back garden, enjoy the barbecue and open the windows to catch some cool air for interior climate control. Fast forward to this festive season and we are as much more concerned with keeping the heat in our homes as possible. Take a look at these simple ways to combat your small patches of bricks and mortar.


If you are cursed with a slipped tile or a slate looking mischievous in the summer, then the lack of rain means it goes unnoticed. However, when the rate of rain increase in winterYou may find that your home is no longer watertight. Leaking roofs can lead to rotting, damp and moldy rafters entering your home. This results in a chilly home and an unhealthy environment for your broodfish. A replaced paving can prevent rainwater from entering the home. This small and cheap repair needs to be done as soon as possible to prevent permanent structural damage to your humble dwelling. If your roof is bent or looks distorted, consider instructing a surveyor or a builder to check your attic and rooftop spaces. This could be an old bow or it could be a sign of more serious exercise.


While in your kitchen may need reclamationYou may not assume that it should make the winter. However, with more meals cooked in the oven and using more of your built-in appliances in a cooler climate, you may want to refresh the heart of your home. Choose one of many professional kitchen turn that experts can now provide. By working with you to design your dream kitchen style, you can have a super-modern high-gloss kitchen complete with futuristic soft closing drawers. Or perhaps a more traditional and proven shaker-style locker is your preference. If you want to create an environment where your family can get together this Christmas, then it is important that your kitchen is fit for purpose.


If you want your home to be more cost effective this winter, your boiler needs maintenance. With one addition Smart thermostat is connected to your boilerYou get more control over your heating bills. If you are at work and it is an unusually warm winter day, turning on the heating system can lead you to the oven at night and you will be wasting money. Instead, with an app and WiFi connection, you can turn off heating from anywhere in the world, save cash and make your home more energy efficient. Make it easier for your boiler to light your heater by keeping windows free of drafts and by insulating your attic space. This way, less heat is escaped from your home and you can enjoy more stable ambient temperatures.

Follow this simple guide and you can make your home against winter this season.



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