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3 ‘Mary Poppins’ Bag Perfect for Mothers

When going away with children, whether traveling, day outings or simple errands, mothers always need to carry a lot of things they may need. So the need for a handbag isn’t just a woman’s essential and goes to the requirement of a ‘Mary Poppins’ bag so that each mother has her own items as well as items for my family.

The ‘Mary Poppins’ bag has a few outstanding features: large but not too large, a long strap, and light weight.

Here are 3 types of bags that make the perfect ‘Mary Poppins’ mother bag:


The backpack gives you plenty of space for storage and allows you to evenly distribute the weight across both shoulders. A classic one-shoulder bag can get really heavy depending on how you pack it and cause back problems if you’re not careful, so if you want a bag that’s cute and handy allowing you to comfortably carry all your essentials, a backpack is a great option. In addition, it frees your hands! All mothers can get their hands free when going out with their children. There are plenty of fashionable and chic backpacks available: for example, online on sites like Mirta you can find gorgeous backpacks. Handmade backpack for women100% made in Italy with premium and durable materials.

Merchandise bags

The tote bag is a stylish upgrade to the classic diaper bag. A beautiful large tote with extra pockets and thin straps are made to last look Like a ‘mother bag’, but it gives you space to hold all your essentials as well as those for your baby. If you choose leather or imitation leather, it looks even more like a fashion bag. The tote bag with side pockets gives you space to tuck your phone and keys in so they don’t get tangled in with everything else. Some tote bags have top zippers for packing bags and others don’t, so keep this in mind when shopping for tote bags / tote bags.


The multifunction bag gives you the features of a diaper bag, insulated bag, side pocket and adjustable straps. If you need temperature control for a Sippy bottle and bottle, this is a practical option for mothers.

You can find multifunction bags that act as a nice updated and sleek diaper bag, such as the JJ Cole Caprice bag. Available in various styles and colors such as gray, black and white stripes, etc.One main benefit of this bag is that you can fit all your essentials without looking bulky and the bag itself. This bag is very light.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable and also choose something you like – you never have to sacrifice style! There are many beautiful and handy ‘Mary Poppins’ bags to choose from.



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