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3 things a neuroscientist can’t negotiate to get rid of anxiety

“Information is food for our brains,” says Brewer. “It helps us survive by planning for the future based on past experiences.” However, uncertainty is like a “hunger” to the brain – it’s a sign that, We need more information, and we need it now. That said, your body may naturally have a natural inclination to look for information – that’s why you may feel anxious about not being able to find it.

However, Brewer says, it’s important to know how much information your brain can actually digest. “If we’re just running around thinking,” I need to get all the information I can get, “then that might not really help us. Instead, think, “Am I really getting information that I can absorb and digest, or am I starting to get nervous?” After all, Uncertainty can generate anxiety and fear, which can quickly lead to panic.

So while your brain may naturally be sucked into this crawl phase, Brewer recommends taking a step back – literally. “In the moments where we start to freak, close the laptop, take a deep breath … Then check, will this persist?”



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