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3 ways to prevent stress from invading your life

October 2, 2019

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Too many people wait until the stress has progressed too far before acting. But unlike other afflictions, like alcohol abuse either , that affects only certain individuals, stress affects all of us – stress is not “if” but “when”. Therefore, it is sensible to take precautions against stress.

Here are some techniques you can use to prevent stress on an individual and organizational level. You should choose the ones that are right for you.

As an executive, you know there are never enough hours of the day. From emails to tons of meeting requests, your time is under constant attack. Time management becomes more difficult as workload increases, but it is important and prevent stress.

The first step to understanding your efficiency in time management is to check time to gauge how much time you spend in your day’s activities. Then to-do lists, calendar apps, and time-tracking software can all help you stay on task and better understand how you are effectively dividing your time.

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Managers often have difficulty with delegation. Do you like being delegated, or how it works for you ? Effective delegation not only prevents tension and exhaustion between these But it also strengthens capacity. When the leaders Working thoughtfully, they empower their team members to take on new responsibilities and expand their skill set. Effective consists of five main steps:

first. Evaluate. Leaders must first determine if a task should be delegated. If that is important to long-term success and mission critical to the company, they may not want to delegate it. Leaders must also evaluate whether or not they have enough time to effectively delegate. Delegation should not be a snap. They will need to spend time training, checking on progress and participating in ongoing communication.

2. Prepare. Leaders have to figure out exactly what is needed. They should include clear and comprehensive information about timing, budget, milestones, frequency and resources.

3. Point. Leaders must identify team members who have the necessary set of skills or expertise to complete the task. Ideally, it should help employees grow and expand their capabilities.

4. Confirm your understanding and commitment. Leaders often make false assumptions about whether or not employees understand what they are asked of. They should confirm understanding by asking their staff to summarize what is required and what is required. Managers must also receive a clear commitment from their employees, they must commit to expected results, milestones, resource requirements and proposed budgets.

5. Avoid micro management. Once leaders deliver baton, it is important to avoid micro-management. If an employee encounters a barrier, leaders should see this as a learning opportunity and not take the reins. Effective coaching helps employees understand where they went wrong and helps empower them to succeed in the future.

If you’re having trouble delegating, consider taking time off each day to plan your action. With careful planning, you and your team can be successful. Once you start effectively delegating, your team will dare to move forward more frequently and more strongly.

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Avoid redundancy

Do you find yourself biting more than you can chew? Excessive delegation often occurs between executives and leaders when they agree to take on a task without considering whether they have enough bandwidth. But as requirements and tasks pile up and deadlines approach, leaders can become overwhelmed and stressful.

Overload can be paralyzing and lead to a kind of paralysis. The most effective antidote to combat overuse is to be resolute and set boundaries. You have to be careful about protecting your time and learning to say “no”.

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