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4 Keys to Happiness & Productivity from an Expert

It’s been 13 months since we all adjusted to virtual work – and for many of us we’re still doing it. In fact, a recent survey from Gallup found that 56% of workers still work remotely “all the time” or at least “most of the time”. Yes, working from home has a number of perks – including not having to work, having plenty of time with family, and the ability to get chores done on vacation – however, team leaders and team members are in trouble. struggles to feel connected and Tired of days full of Zoom calls.

In the office, human connections are the number one driver of happiness – no wonder this year has been challenging! Connecting people means spending time with people you care about and people who care about you. In the workplace, this means you have healthy and engaged relationships with your boss, co-workers, and direct reports. In Gallup’s Survey of employee satisfaction Q12, the way people respond, “I have a best friend at work”, is directly related to the success of the organization.

Knowing how important team networking is, here are four strategies for growing your team connection right now.



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