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4 Psychologist’s Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism in Skin Care

We all know us Candlestick have a skin care routine. No matter what your regime looks like, it’s about taking care of yourself – and an investment in your future. But where exactly do we have to start? The market is expanding and finding what works for you can be overwhelming. After all, the ingredients of someone else’s holy grail may not give you the dream result.

However, when you are a perfectionist, you want to be everything it’s correct. So you can gobble up every bit of information thinking you need a perfect plan. But at some point, your brain can be exhausted, and you may fall into analytical paralysis. Even your budget can be a limiting factor aggravating your perfectionism, because you start thinking “If I can’t afford [product/service], then I can’t even start ”.

In this case, perfectionism can prevent you from seeing forests looking for trees. You may end up with a narrow tunnel view, and because you’ve repeated this logical journey to yourself, you may end up completely with it.

And so you can never get started, waiting for that perfect moment. Except that the stars could never be aligned and the ducks could never be aligned.

If you are a perfectionist, you will always find yourself still Dream of the perfect skincare plan we’ve got you. As a loud and proud type of A +++, here’s how you can leverage your perfectionism to pay dividends for your skin.



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