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4 Safe Ways for Your Family Start With a New Windows Install – Beth Owen

As a mother, the safety of your family is paramount, and you will always want to find ways to protect your baby. There are many important areas to deal with around the home, including the kitchen, stairs, and home security. An area that is often overlooked but extremely important is windows as they can pose both a safety and a security threat. Installing new windows is a smart way to protect the safety and security of your kids and family at large – read on to find out the main reasons why and how to install new windows is important. important.

1. Family security

First, new windows can be a smart way to improve the security of your home. Older windows can be a security risk as they are often easy Intrusion, and criminals will often target homes with older windows because they know they will be much more accessible. New windows with high-quality locks and even an alarm system provide solid protection against intruders and give you peace of mind.

2. More difficult to break

Double glazing is also helpful for improving home security along with a host of other benefits, so finding double glazing specialists in your area is very helpful and you can search online. route, such as the best windows expert West Midlands. This is because breaking two opposing barriers with one is much harder and the glass is likely to be much stiffer than what you’d see on an older window. Greater difficulty also helps from a safety standpoint as it is less likely that the windows will break and cause damage, such as when a soccer ball is thrown against the window.

3. Safe for children

Many homeowners prefer to leave their windows open during warmer months of the year to allow air to circulate, but this can actually be extremely dangerous, especially if you have children. Up to 4,000 children under 15 years of age are injured by falling from a window under one Royal Society for Accident Prevention research (ROSPA) – while the majority of these cases are not serious, this is clearly a major hazard in the home.

This is why it is recommended to install child safety windows, which limits the distance the windows open so that your child is not at risk but you can still enjoy the fresh air blowing through. This also works both ways so people won’t be able to climb in, which will also improve family security.

4. Customize

When new windows are available, you can also customize them to enhance the safety and security of your home. This may include having dual lock handles, security hinges, warn intruders, and also guards installed on the outside.

The safety of your family is extremely important as a mother, and you will want to do all you can to create a safe and secure home. Windows is one of the areas that needs to be addressed in order to achieve this, and installing new windows is a smart way to protect your family in many ways.



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