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4 ways to draw your attention back on track and stay focused

September 11, 2019

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It can be difficult to concentrate. Even on your best days, you are still surrounded by distractions. When you struggle to stay focused, you can’t focus on the things you need to do, you waste it and you stress yourself. It’s time to look at some solutions.

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Fabricate and stick to it

When you embark on a mission without a plan, it’s like walking on a road without a map. You need to know where you are headed. An important part of training your cognitive fingers is planning.

For what? Before starting an activity, create a detailed action plan. What do you need to do? How much time can you spend on it? Do you require any additional assistance? Map your missions from start to finish, and don’t forget to arrange tasks and number them in order. This will make sure you don’t skip anything.

If you tend to procrastinate and can’t seem to start your plan, tell yourself that you’ll do it in just 10 minutes, starting in 10 minutes. The fear of starting to execute is often greater than the execution of the task. The plan won’t be perfect the first time around, but it’s okay – at least you get it started. And once you’ve completed your plan, put it into full force. Don’t be interrupted!

Example in : Here’s a warning example that shows what can happen when you don’t plan. A few years ago, has been gung-ho about spreading online and decided to change her logo from Hershey’s Kisses Hologram to Two-Dimensional. If the company takes longer to plan, it may realize that they need to work for some consumers. test first. When the new logo came out, it didn’t look like a good chocolate treat. Instead, people complained that it looked like a piece of poo!

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Give away time-consuming jobs

You can easily dedicate all of your waking hours to time-consuming work. Time-consuming work is like stress steroids – the opposite of what you want. Your success depends on your ability to delegate as much time-consuming work as possible.

For what? Execution of authorization and planning. Start each week by recording people around you, their skills, and their free time. Then, map out the most time consuming job you have on your plate and arrange it to suit their skill set. Make sure these employees are qualified to undertake the job. If not, take some time to coach, train, and prepare them for the task – or better yet, appoint a manager or other staff member to train them.

When it comes to delegation, “I can do it myself faster,” is a terrible excuse. It just overwhelms you and distracts you. “I can do better myself,” was just as bad. It does not allow others to assume more responsibility, gain recognition or gain skills.

Real life example: Renowned American philanthropist Eli Broad built KB Home and Sun America, two Fortune 500 companies. Recognizing much of his success has been trustworthy. He sees the inability to delegate as one of leadership’s biggest problems. He advises leaders to focus on the most important tasks and find ways to delegate anything else.

Pay attention to where your mind wanders

Everyone’s mind wandered. That is natural. But unless you’re in a highly creative field, the wandering mind can be disruptive productivity. It’s best to pay attention to where your mind is on adventure.

For what? Next time you find your mind wandering, go ahead and take a moment to meditate. Where is your mind headed? Is it a field of passion? Is that a potential concern? Jot down a quick note and schedule a time in your calendar to think about it later. If you are preparing for a big presentation at work and your mind is worried that you forgot to lock the front door, it could distract your focus. Take action. Call a neighbor or go home quickly. When you return, you will be able to focus on your current quest better.

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Real life example: One of my clients is a former VP of a furniture business. He approaches me with concerns that his mind often wanders to think about the store’s design. He is always looking forward to the holiday season. He loves visiting stores and seeing their holiday designs and decorations. This is clearly an area of ​​passion, so we decided to act. VP signed up for three months level, which ultimately earned him a promotion in operations, followed by a promotion to COO. Pay attention to where your mind wanders – it may be trying to tell you something.

Do nothing

It is important to stop and take breaks from time to time. If you’re regularly on ready targeting, your combat or flight response is always on and your cortisol levels will skyrocket. Sometimes, the only way to get cortisol back to a healthy level is to stop it. Doing nothing can be a recipe for success.

For what? Engrave 10 to 15 minutes. Find a quiet space, close the doors, turn off all your devices and even close your eyes. Focus on the breath as you inhale and exhale. Let all your worries, fears, and fears slip away. After 15 minutes, you will find you can focus more effectively. That brief recovery might just be what you need to regain balance.

Real life example: Whenever I schedule a full day field visit with a client, I proactively build in 15 minutes so that nothing is done. During those 15 minutes, I was completely inactive. I find a comfortable place, turn off all the devices and sit down. I close my eyes, focus , and listen as oxygen flows through my lungs. As I continue my work, I feel young again and ready to deal with whatever happens next. There is a hidden value in the timestamp.

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