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4 ways to make your bunny happier – Beth Owen


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Rabbits can be a great pet for any family, especially if you’re looking for a companion but you live in a small apartment that won’t be able to welcome a medium-sized pet. In fact, rabbits are clean, quiet, and not too demanding, while they can provide companionship, fun, and satisfaction. Also, as is the case with cats and dogs, they will bond with their owners and interact with their families. In the end, rabbits can be incredibly worthy pets – below you can find some tips to repay all this love!

Create a personalized space for your rabbit

If you are is considering adopting a family petThe rabbit is usually third on the list, after dogs and cats. Indeed, they take up less space than other midsize pets and do not require daily walks and constant attention. At the same time, rabbits need to move about 4 hours a day and it is important that they have the necessary space to roam freely. Although you may have set up a cage, you should also consider creating another primate place with toys and entertainment for your rabbit. Then you can release your pet into this space under your supervision!

Bring another rabbit into the household

Rabbits are extremely social creatures. Rabbits love to be around their human family, but they also love to be there company of another rabbit. In particular, if you can’t spend a few hours a day playing with your bunny, you should consider investing in a companion for your pet. This way, you can ensure that they are both entertained and feel safe throughout the day. If your family cannot pick up two rabbits in the house, make sure someone in the family is playing with the rabbit for at least a few hours a day.

Train your rabbit

Train your rabbit There are many benefits. Obviously, it allows you to have a better, more reliable and less aggressive pet, ready to interact with all family members. However, training your rabbit can also be an opportunity to strengthen affection with your pet. In fact, you will teach your pet tricks while rewarding him with small, healthy treats such as raw carrots. This will help your rabbit better train and begin to trust you more.

Food upgrade

When taking care of your rabbit, Making sure you have the right food for your rabbit is very important in making sure they stay healthy. In addition to providing free time, exercise, and fresh, clean water, choosing the right foods for your rabbit is also important to their health. Of course, their diet consists mainly of hay. However, you should also consider offering snacks such as vegetables and fruits, such as carrots. Since these foods are higher in sugar than the standard rabbit food, it’s important to feed them in moderation. In addition, bunny nuggets can help you provide your pet with all the nutrients and vitamins needed for a healthy life.



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