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4 ways to prevent your email from turning into spam

April 21, 2021

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Everyone read more marketing in the last year. Less than 78 percent of marketers say that they saw an increase in engagement over the past 12 months. Now is the time for you to make the most of your email and its marketing potential.

However, not all of your subscribers will see your message. With 17 percent of all emails Going spam, some of your campaigns may never reach your potential customers and your target audience. and email service providers use advanced filters to separate legitimate emails from spam. Sometimes, one or more things can trigger these filters to keep your emails out of people’s inboxes.

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Let’s see why this happens and what you can do to avoid the ravages of spam folders.

To avoid being labeled as spam, don’t act like a spammer

That sounds straightforward, but if you don’t know what spam is, you probably don’t know how to avoid it. Here are the top things to keep in mind when you want to get into your inbox and avoid spam folders.

Keep your email list up to date

What some email marketers forget is that the best-built email makes no sense if your list is filled with bad contacts. These emails not only do not reach anyone but also affect your sender’s reputation and cause your ISP to consider you a spammer.

Spammers don’t care about cleaning their listings. They scavenge e-mail addresses from the Internet and use them with no regard for ethics. Receiving bounce back and complaints about spam or spam traps does not prevent them from sending more spam. Until they get blocked and can’t even access the junk folder anymore. That is common among spammers blacklist But it also happens to respected businesses when they’re not careful.

As a legitimate email marketer, you cannot afford to engage in such practices and be confused with spammers. So starting with a healthy list is important. Buying one is never a good idea, as everyone on your list should be there because they want to receive your email. Rights are the key in promotional email.

Whether you’re just starting your list or already have a handful of contacts, consider implementing dual opt-in. This registration method requires every new subscriber to confirm that they really want to receive your email. It’s easy to set up and prevent your database from having poor quality contacts.

Additionally, validating your listings at least quarterly shows that you are following email marketing best practices. For inbox providers, it’s a sign that you’re a trusted sender, so they’re confident about moving your email to everyone’s inbox.

Learning and doing good email list hygiene is just as important as what you write and how you present it. What good would your hard work be if no one saw it?

Be careful with your subject lines

There must be hundreds of articles online about email subject lines – and for good reason. After the name “From”, the subject line is the first thing your subscribers see. It has a significant impact on your open rates: 47 percent of people say they open an email based solely on the subject line.

So you should take the time to polish each subject line and ensure that:

  • Informative: People should clearly understand what your email is about
  • manipulation: it will arouse curiosity without resorting to cheap tricks.

A useful exercise is to write down several versions of the subject line until you find one that stands out. If helpful, consult with your team or friends, their feedback can be expanded.

When choosing the final version, make sure that it doesn’t include any spam words that might cause your ISP to think your email is spam. If you receive an email with the word “free” in the subject, that can cause suspicion. Also, the words you should avoid include “lowest price”, “fast cash”, “save dollars” and other similar works.

The spam subject lines look like phishing, and the ISP can classify your legitimate email as spam because of gimmicky words, like spam. If in doubt, change it.

Avoid including too many images and too little text

You may have noticed that a lot of spam contains only a few lines and other times, no text at all. Sometimes it’s just an image and sometimes, it’s an email with a few words and lots of pictures.

The average of legitimate marketing emails is 434.48 words. If you include only one sentence, you don’t provide a lot of interesting content.

Why is the proper aspect ratio of images to text so important? Again, it doesn’t look like a spammer. The purpose of an email is to provide relevant information. Very few emails can do that in just a few words.

Of course, you can use an image to illustrate your score or show off the product you sell, but try to stay balanced. Images may also take longer to load if your recipient has a slower internet connection.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the links you include in your emails. Try to avoid the temptation of using link shorteners – they may trigger spam filters. Instead, be completely transparent and link directly to your landing page. You want to stay away from any activity that could jeopardize your ability to deliver.

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Plan to submit and follow that schedule

A common email mistake businesses make is making an act of disappearance.

Let’s say someone sells beach and pool goods. In winter, the hours of activity naturally decrease. The company will stop sending emails to its listing. There’s nothing to promote anyway, why bother? This marketing is detrimental to any business.

It’s a smart idea for email marketers to schedule. Send your emails on the same day of the week, or if you send them less often, email no less than once per month. The mistake of sending only when you want something or have a new product or service to sell.

First of all, people forget about you. As you continue, they may not recognize your email and mark you as spam. Being able to anticipate and send your email is often the opposite of how spammers behave. It not only builds brand awareness and trust, but also helps ISPs get to know you.

If your services or products are seasonal, then it is natural to increase the number of emails during your peak sales. However, to be aware, please continue to email your listings regularly throughout the rest of the year. Create useful, entertaining content that can engage your subscribers and engage them. You’ll see much better results when it’s time to target them with a campaign.


One of the keys to getting a lot of attention from your marketing emails may seem obvious, but it’s worth highlighting. You have to be where everyone can see you, and the only way to do that is to access your inbox.

The behavior and motivations of spammers are all aimed at implementation. With your email marketing, you have to give in to receive. Strive for the principles of being generous and serving in everything you do. Always keep in mind security, morality and respect. Serve your readers and they will remember you and open your emails consistently.

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