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420 DAO Is Launching on Avalanche Network This April – Press Releases

On April 2, 420 DAO is launching on Avalanche network in an effort to reach more audiences and enhance decentralized economy.

With the launch of 420 DAO on Avalanche network at 4:20 PM (UTC) on the 2nd of April 2022, now a wider audience can become a part of the decentralized economy, which is taking the world by storm. With a governance token supporting the voting power, 420 DAO will simplify buying and staking tokens on its own dApp.

As evident, the 420 DAO’s staking APY will start at 420,000%, then gradually decrease afterward according to its tokenomics. The tokenomics itself is guided by advanced mathematics. As a part of this initiative, they will also be introducing a concept of membership value which will allow each member to become a direct part-owner of the Community Reserve Pool and have the chance to contribute ideas to the ecosystem. 

420 DAO project is backed by a team of experts in mathematics, algorithms, quantitative finance, blockchain, thus bringing a wealth of technical guidance with its launch.

420 DAO aims to push the development of decentralized economies through the coordination and support of a body that helps develop decentralized economies. It takes a three-pronged approach, beginning with construction, in which 420DAO employs the ability and expertise of its development team to create open-source dApps that are in line with the project’s goals. 

It will also bring investing benefits by developing a Treasury controlled by 420 DAO members that will be utilized to invest in valuable crypto ventures, low-risk yield farms or institutional hedge funds. From the start, the 420 DAO ecosystem will provide every 420 token holder the ability to participate in the governance of 420 DAO and any related protocols.

About 420 DAO

The 420 DAO ecosystem is powered by the 420 token, which has built-in features like Store of Value, Membership Value, and Governance Value. The magic number 420 symbolizes community cohesion and empowerment.

For more details on 420 DAO please visit: 

Website: 420da.org

Telegram: t.me/dao420_chat

Discord: discord.gg/j5D7AsxuCY 

Twitter @420DAO_

Facebook @420DAO 


Media Contact
Company Name: 420 DAO
Contact Person: Jackie Pham
Email: Send Email
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Website: 420da.org

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