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5 exercises to prolong life inspired by blue areas

In United States, life expectancy is 79 years. Therefore, the Americans want to know the secrets of Blue zone, five places in the world where people live a long, healthy life at the age of 100. National Geographic Journalist and Founder of Blue Zones Dan Buettner spent his professional life sharing what he learned. In part, there is an emphasis on the importance of A strong sense of purpose, connecting with loved ones and eating a plant-based diet. Buettner’s cookbook, The Blue Zones Kitchen: 100 recipes to live up to 100, revealing what healthy eating looks like to the many hundred-year-olds he has encountered. But what about motion? Sure, he can also recommend exercises to prolong life.

The people at the Blue Zones think a little differently about mobility. Instead of intense exercise, The focus is on regular movement throughout the day. “Their lives are very dynamic. Not continuously walking, walking, walking, but a combination of movement, then rest, ” Emily Kiberd, DC, the founder of New York City Urban Health Clinic, previously told Well + Good.

If, like many Americans, you find yourself sitting in front of a computer most of the day, it is important that you be intentional about commuting. According to the A Guide to Physical Activity for Americans.

The best exercises for longevity, inspired by Blue Zones

1. Walk

People living in the Green Zone tend to walk a lot, which is a natural part of their daily routine. They can walk to the market to buy groceries or go for an evening walk with a friend. “When it comes to cognitive acumen, The best activity you can do is walk, ”Buettner previously told Well + Good.

Walking is great for the whole body, including the brain. One study found that daily walking is correlated with hippocampus conservation, is the part of the brain where memory is stored. So don’t underestimate the power of a good walk!

Leg stretches can help you make the most of your walking:

In the meantime, you will have no trouble.

2. Cycling

According to Robert Agnello, DO, The people in Sardinia’s Blue Zone love bicycles is their main shipping method. This certainly has a long-term positive impact on their heart health, he said.

Similar to walking, cycling is a form of functional exercise that can be done regularly in everyday life. Thinking about where you can ride a bike instead of a car can change your mind, but it’s something that can extend your life for many years.

Here are the benefits of underwater rotating layers:

In the meantime, you will have no trouble.

3. Dance

Dance is another way everyone in the Blue Zones keeps Move with people they love in ways that bring them joy. Dancing is not just one way to increase heart rate; It’s also good for cognitive function because it needs coordination.

You want to move? Watch the video below for cardio dancing:

In the meantime, you will have no trouble.

4. Tai chi

In Okinawa, many people practice tai chia series of movements performed slowly, with concentration and with deep breathing. Also known as “meditation in movement”, tai chi is a Chinese method of practicing the body and mind. If you want to learn tai chi, look for instructors who understand and respect its cultural history.

Similar to dancing, tai chi is coordinated, which is great for cognitive health. Another reason why tai chi is beneficial is because It helps to reduce stress. It also shows that exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be vigorous; Gentle exercise is also beneficial.

5. Gardening

According to the lecturer, yard work is basically strength training And it’s also one of the best exercises for longevity. “[In] all Blue Zones, people continued to garden even in the 90s and 100s, ”Said Buettner. Also, like cycling or walking, Gardeners have the power to improve your mood whether you do it on a city balcony or in a suburban backyard.

These are the best plants for every room in your house:

In the meantime, you will have no trouble.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to longevity exercises is to be active throughout your day. And of course, find the moves you like. As they say, happiness is the key to longevity.

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