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5 Great Ways to Manage Business Risks – IHUB Partner Press Releases

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The top business risk, which forms the biggest concern for companies globally, is cyber incidents—major IT outages, data breaches, ransomware attacks, and cybercrime.

Last year, these cyber perils affected many businesses. Cybercriminals have honed their skills and can penetrate up to 93% of a company’s network. And the sad fact is that 43% of all data breaches worldwide involve small businesses. So, how do you manage business risks, make informed decisions, and grow your business?

1. Look at the Past for Solutions

The first step to managing business risks and uncertainties is to look at the past. Were you hacked in the past? Have a more secure business system. Did you launch a product that didn’t take off? Find out where you went wrong. Try and look at the past for quick and effective solutions.

Every time you face a major or minor risk, ensure you have a plan B (or a backup plan) for the different scenarios. Keep researching and always adjust your solutions based on the circumstances.

2. Think Through Multiple Scenarios

In 2021, small and medium-sized businesses suffered almost 50% more cyberattack attempts. The education sector was the most attacked, followed by the government and communications sector.

The secret to managing such risks is quick decision-making. Of course, you’ll never have 100% of the information you need to make decisions, but you must make them anyway. Think through multiple scenarios (best-case, likely-case, and the worst-case scenario). You’ll discover mitigating potential risks facing your business isn’t so hard.

3. Break Team Silos

Siloed business systems, which are, in most cases, too weak to handle threats, are designed to make information inaccessible to the rest of the company. Teams with a silo mentality often withhold information because of fear, power struggles, or even organizational inefficiency.

To better manage business risks, information must be freely shared across all teams. This will ensure your company makes informed data-driven decisions. When teams don’t collaborate, sales, marketing, distribution, supply chain, and inventory sectors suffer greatly.

1 (800) Car-Title, a company that gives people access to title loans online, says the best way to break down siloed business systems is to create a unified team. Employees should collaborate, communicate often, and use collaboration software.

4. Trust Your Intuition

A visionary leader trusts their intuition. They always look into the future and never stop learning. Such leaders not only focus on data but also on important facts. They learn from other businesses or projects, calculate risks, and apply the SWOT analysis model. They mitigate risks and always have a plan B—to better prepare the business for the unforeseen events ahead.

5. Research Market Trends

The recent global pandemic taught businesses one thing: that the future of business is uncertain. For better risk management, research business markets and trends to keep up with what’s happening in your industry.

Assess all the information before making crucial business decisions. Sometimes, making the best decision requires waiting a little longer. And after waiting, research again to know if the time is right to implement the solution.

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