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5 Marketing Ideas to Drive Post-Pandemic Retail Sales »Success as Your Own Boss

With pandemic updates still taking up quite a bit of the news machine’s time, it is sometimes still difficult to imagine a different world from the one COVID-19 created today. But businesses and retailers will one day switch to a new normal similar to the old normal that we all crave. People will be less attached to their families and socialized. Virtual learning will be an option, not a necessity, and gatherings will be encouraged and appreciated, not feared.

Is your retail business marketing plan ready for the post-pandemic world? Vaccines are proving to be effective and better treatments, so this change is likely to happen sooner than expected, now is the right time to think about one. plan after the pandemic.

Here are five post-pandemic marketing strategies for your retail business.

1. Get started with your website

Almost every industry undergoes a change from in-store to selling online. In the first half of 2020 alone, US online sales were up 30.1% year-on-year, and in the third quarter grew to 36.7% over the third quarter of 2019, according to United States Census Bureau. That’s not a bad thing. The increase in online sales is the reason many retail businesses survive.

Post-pandemic retail website

Online marketing and a positive online shopping experience won’t go away anytime soon. But as your customers continue to stick with the brand on your website, don’t overlook opportunities that encourage them to visit your store with promotions or special offers. Be patient, too. If a promotion is sluggish at first, consider lengthening or pausing it and try again when you know the restrictions are easing. And of course, you always want to experiment with A / B and tinker with different approaches or special offers.

2. Use data to target markets

Along with boosting online sales, many companies have gathered large amounts of data about their customers’ online preferences. If you got it right, your email and other contact list will grow over the past year. This data can provide a variety of marketing tactics that can engage people.

Use shopper history for an email-targeted offer related to the in-store offer. Stream a little wider with a social media campaign for the same offer, and your targeted Google ad information is better than ever after a year of online crawling. And if your retail store still sees effective mailers, you can ramp up those efforts too.

3. Get out there and become part of the community

It has been widely reported on how the pandemic caused many of us to miss out on basic human interaction. As pandemic restrictions subside and people get out and get more and more, it’s a great time to get your brand on the road.

Outdoor post-pandemic retail

You can participate in outdoor events, markets, sidewalk sales and have stalls at trade shows and festivals. Also, don’t underestimate the power of associating with nonprofits with deep roots in your community. Host a volunteer day for your team members and publish photos and videos of your social media experience. This work is critical to foster brand trust, and it complements any direct marketing tactic that engages people.

4. Make your store facade attractive

As the traffic nears your store increases, you don’t want your brand to be ignored. The impressive window display can attract attention, invite people in, and get them to browse.

Try big, bold messages or put the product into action and put them at different heights. Experiment with unique themes, seasonal backgrounds, or leverage holiday colors or scenes to make your brand stand out.

Post-Pandemic Retail Storefronts

Simple touch gestures also help. The door of support opened, adding a sign of support with a suggestion or a message inviting passersby. If your store is further away from the street, try using a new sign so people know you are open and above all, make sure the space in front of your store is clean and attractive.

5. Continuing multi-channel approaches

No matter how fast traffic to your store increases, your marketing will still involve some trial and error. When collecting results from online promotions and other promotions, you can narrow down your plan to focus on channels that really work.

Additionally, as more customers arrive in store, you will have more data to compare their online and in-store habits. We all know that in-store experiences increase the likelihood of additional sales, but in-store purchases can also indicate variation in product preferences, quantity, and frequency of purchases. Link that to what you already know about your customers, and you’ll increase your chances of effectively targeting them on the channel they like, at a time when they want to hear from you.

A pandemic may have stalked your retail business, but better timing could strike you. While the pandemic is still going, it is important to capitalize on lessons learned from the past year for a better, more prosperous tomorrow.

ray biologyInformation about the authors: Ray Ko is the Senior Ecommerce Manager at ShopPOPDisplays. With years of experience in the retail sector, Ray is an expert in formulating and implementing e-commerce strategies to increase sales.



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