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5 SEO success stories to inspire your 2021 strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a simple concept.

You choose keywords that are relevant to your business, create content with those, and you’re ready to watch your website evolve – a simple three-step process, right? Are not.

While those are the basics of SEO, it can actually be quite difficult to create one strategy helps you drive enough traffic to meet your overall business goals.

It can be difficult to lift your feet off the ground. Thankfully, there are various tools specifically designed to help you with SEO, build domain authority, and achieve a high ROI. In this post, we will hear inspirational stories from HubSpot customers who have used it Our SEO tools to achieve success in business.

5 SEO success stories to inspire your 2021 strategy

1. Iron paper

Iron paper is a digital marketing agent that helps their B2B customers grow. They worked with one of their customers, Goddard, to order achieved remarkable success uses HubSpot’s SEO tools.

Jonathan Franchell, CEO and Founder of Ironpaper, said, “Although Goddard responds to the real needs of customers by designing medical devices, historically, they have struggled. scramble to find out who quality leads can use their services. Instead, their website attracted a lot of spam and unqualified contacts. Ironpaper has begun making critical SEO updates with HubSpot tools on Goddard’s site, focusing on internal linking, content strategy with business-relevant keywords, and technical SEO issues. like broken links and meta tags.

In an eight-month campaign, Ironpaper helped Goddard reach 2,361 positions on Google through various keywords related to their service. “Because we created targeted content focused on strategic keywords, Goddard’s Google rankings went up even as traffic dropped,” Franchell said.

The company also now ranks in the top 100 for 50 strategically targeted terms, and can use HubSpot insights reports and dashboards to track their progress to ensure that efforts are made. Their future marketing effort is to target the super-audience they’ve been working on to develop.

2. Apptega

Apptega is a network security and compliance platform. As they grow their business, they know they will need an optimized website to generate leads. They also realize that their current WordPress site won’t be enough for them to achieve their goals.

Joelle Palmer, Apptega’s Digital Marketing Manager, said, “We built a Frankenstein monster in WordPress. Our development team will constantly have to give up what they are doing and fix our website. “Apptega then decided to move its existing website to the CMS Hub.

Apptega has seen with immediate success with HubSpot SEO tools: “We have seen one of our core pages move from 100+ on Google to third in two weeks. SEO typically takes three to six months to run … that’s really great for us as a company to experience. “

Some of the tools Apptega uses in the Marketing Hub to achieve their growth are on-page SEO suggestions that direct users to attention-seeking pages and additional ways to optimize content.

3. Digital Marketing Beacon

Beacon Digital Marketing specializes in driving results for FinTech, SaaS and B2B businesses.

As HubSpot Platinum Partners, they understand how to use and deploy HubSpot tools to drive growth and success. While they typically support other businesses, they did an internal review in August 2020 and decided to roll out SEO overhaul of a blog post they believe may perform better than they currently are.

They focus on a few key areas for improvement: updating metadata, optimizing for a featured snippet, and re-targeting original keywords. HubSpot content mapping tool helped them create a strategic pillar cluster plan, and on-page SEO suggestions provided them with helpful tips. After implementing the new strategy, they noticed an almost immediate 50% increase in page views: July 2020 saw 991 organic search traffic views and August 2020 at 1,552.

Their optimization allows them to drive more traffic to an existing blog post, and they have also seen an increase in organic traffic to additional pages on their site. surname. This shows that a comprehensive SEO strategy can impact all areas of your business, as an increase in traffic leads to curious customers wanting to learn more about what you offer. level.

4. Notes

Take Note is a UK-based business that offers a range of on-site transcription, subtitles and note-taking services. As the demand for their business grew, they struggled with balancing disconnected tools to support their needs and achieve consistent growth. Thomas Carter, Marketing Manager at Take Note, said, “I think for us SEO is a way to thrive in such a competitive marketplace.”

The business officially signed with HubSpot in 2018 and has since increased its website traffic. 22%. At the same time, their customer base and revenue grew 16-22%. They have also seen an increase in leads. In the long run, we want to continue to focus on making sure our quality of service stays exceptionally high while using technology like HubSpot for automation and optimization, Carter added. behind the scene.”

5. River of Revenue

Revenue River Be a digital sales and marketing agent that helps companies scale and stay competitive in their industry. One of their clients, Kofinas Fertility Group, saw their website traffic significantly affected by COVID-19. Eric Pratt, Managing Partner at Revenue River, said, “The site saw a drop from mid-February through to the end of May.”

Businesses must work and conduct competitive analysis and keyword research to identify areas of growth opportunity. They decide that the best course of action is to create pillar content and supporting content clusters, which will help them establish their domain as a source of authority in their industry.

Since the implementation of the new strategy in November 2020, the website has nearly doubled its organic traffic. From March to June 2020, they saw 86,000 impressions, and from January to March 2021 it was 1.1 million.

This success, says Pratt, “Was made possible by a combination of strategic SEO planning for research, topic grouping, and on-page / page optimization features to enrich the SEO appeal of content that we are producing and publishing through HubSpot. “

Improving your SEO shouldn’t be a challenge.

The success stories we have highlighted in this post show that SEO is not a challenge, especially with the help of a powerful SEO tool. Learn from these customers and create a strategy that’s right for your business.

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