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5 types of wine to taste while traveling

While most people choose to travel for sightseeing, exploring different cultures or histories; Wine tasting is an important part of the whole process for wine lovers. While traveling adventure filling your soul, tasting different wine flavors while enjoying will make the whole experience like a delicate poem. There are some nice, tourist attraction should be on the top of every wine lover’s list, with Bordeaux, France at the top.

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Bordeaux and wine are inseparable. This mainstream French district is most famous for its good brewing potential and selection, and there’s even a museum dedicated to wine! Now, when you’re here, you don’t need to be a connoisseur to tasting it becomes an engaging experience; all you need is a little knowledge about wine and how to recognize reds and whites. But if you are looking to sample a wide variety of wines from Bordeaux and the surrounding regions like Purple red wine with some expert advice, coming to Millesima would be a perfect idea.

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About Millesima

5 types of wine to taste while traveling
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Millesima is a family owned wine company that focuses on providing rare and premium wines from Bordeaux and the rest of the world. French wine experts buy directly from production facilities to ensure quality and authenticity, and sell in store and online from Bordeaux and USA.

Top 5 wines you should taste

Millesima offers premium wines from Bordeaux and around the world, offering you the best customer service from knowledgeable staff and wine experts in one space. Visit the Millesima brand and you will be spoiled for choice with an extensive wine collection. Here are our top 5 picks to try:

This Saint-Emilion’s elite name from the special regions of Bordeaux has a beautiful pomegranate red color, and a sparkling purple reflection. This red wine is made from a blend of the varieties Merlot / Cabernet, Sauvignon / Cabernet Franc. It has an exceptionally intense aroma and is delicately layered with delicate floral aromas and ripe black fruits like mashed black raspberries, wild blueberries and black plums. A 750 ml bottle costs $ 140 per piece, $ 840 for a six-bottle box.

This wine comes from one of the most prestigious winemaking regions in the world – Burgundy, by Domaine Lorache. This medium to full bodied dry white Burgundy wine comes from the chardonnay grape variety. It has a lumpy feel and laminated on the palate, with a salt-absorbent finish, and the wood is well concentrated at the core. A 750 ml bottle costs $ 122.99.

The champagne was delicious and cute and was better served cold. This champagne from Billiecart-Salmon is full bodied and quite textured and robust, with a basic acidic spice and chalk-like dry concentration. Made from a blend of Pinot Noir / Chardonnay grape varieties, this brutal champagne is pink in color. A 750 ml bottle costs $ 230.

This red wine by E. Guigal is made from a blend of medium to full body Syrah / Viognier grape varieties. This elegant wine has some nutty notes of salted licorice, cracked pepper, and bold berry fruit. A 750 ml bottle costs $ 435.

5. La Grande Cote 2019

This dry white wine by Pascal Cotat is made from the grape Sauvignon Blanc. The wine has a great depth, a well-defined creamy and filling texture with a balanced, mineral expression. A 750 ml bottle costs $ 73.99.

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