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5 ways to treat your customers like VIPs and deliver “great” moments

January 29, 2020

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Expect good service, but what if you surprise them with exceptional service that goes beyond what they expect? This white glove service will keep customers coming back and make them turn into lifelong shameless fans who will refer you to more customers.

To create “Wow” moments, you need to make your customers feel like the most important people in your world. Let them know you’ll lean back to make their day better. It is all about the whole – and the details in between.

Think about the last time you experienced the “Wow” moment at , a place where you are truly impressed. You may have done more business there and told your friends and business associates about it.

Here are five ways you can “Wow” every customer by going beyond expectations and delivering the added value they didn’t expect at no extra cost.

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1. Do what you say you will do, with no exceptions

Doing what you say is easy when you are attentive enough to build systems around those “Wow” moments. When your goal is to impress customers, you are always looking for ways to go further. It’s important to get your entire team involved to make sure they all track and meet their deadlines so that details don’t fall between cracks.

Giving customers more than they expected can also come in the form of a free gift or more help and support. Everyone loves receiving special value. Even small things can create special WOW moments. Everyone loves to feel appreciated!

2. Admit mistakes and fix problems when things go wrong

Faced with it, mistakes and problems happen. However, if you don’t know how to do it, they will hit you , maintaining and successful business difficulties.

Nightmare is rampant in the marketplace. We’ve all been through that. In fact, we’ve encountered so much poor service, we sometimes tend to take it for granted. This is crazy! Why hand over money to an indifferent company?

Some of the biggest customer service blunders include over-promises and poor deliveries, hiring the wrong people, not empowering and training your team, treating customer policy over customers, and not asking for customers. feedback. Don’t make these mistakes at your business!

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3. Get respect from customers with feedback

To gain the respect from your customers, you need to get there. Everyone in your organization should always start their game to improve customer experience. That includes accepting responsibility for your mistakes. Customers like businesses that recognize their mistakes and take the necessary steps to correct them.

In fact, customer relationships often become stronger when a problem is handled well. For continuous improvement, find feedback. Survey your customers on a regular basis and reward them for doing surveys. After all, feedback supports you and the decisions you make. Customers want to help you improve if you respect their time and value their opinions.

Get customer feedback to help you better understand your market and . Customers are a great source of information and they can help you, even more, when you ask the right questions. For example, ask “What can we do to better serve you?” Or ask the same question in more detail: “Tell us about your favorite experience you had with us.” Instead of “How are our team doing?” Ask “Who on our team makes your customer experience special?” or “How did our team create that special experience for you?”

4. If the client doesn’t match, let them go

You can turn your customers into a nightmare because they lack respect for your values. When this happens, you need to know when to let them go. You may even have to fire a client, which is a difficult decision because your business depends on income from that client.

Most business owners find it difficult to let a bad customer or customer go. They are afraid of losing their income or feeling defeated. A business owner can try to stick it with a bad customer, hoping things get better. But they rarely do. You need to know when to stay away from these types of people. Don’t let your business be held hostage by bad customers or customers.

Many self-employed people have difficulty saying “no” to opportunities that do not serve them well. But rejecting opportunities allows you to stay away from people who don’t treat you and your job with respect and respect. you deserve it. It’s hard to say “no” when you need money, but you will pay a much more expensive price in the long run when you agree to work with an inappropriate client or take advantage of your goodwill. You don’t have to be everything for everyone. Focus on the top 20 percent of your ideal market to get the best and most valuable customers.

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5. Always follow and follow through

Many businesses spend a lot of time, money and effort chasing new customers, only to lose them after the first or second transaction because they don’t follow up or follow up after a sale. If your customers don’t feel appreciated, they are more likely to turn to your competitors instead of making you choose a repeat business.

Where is the money to track existing customers! Once a customer has had a good experience doing business with you, it’s a lot easier to start a repeat business from them than it is to pursue new leads.

Always give customers more than they expected, especially after a purchase, to show your appreciation for their business. Tracking makes customers feel special and gives them the opportunity to be heard and interacted effectively. Existing customers who receive tracking are more likely to buy more products or services. So stay tuned and work on a consistent mission for everyone on your team.

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