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6 content marketing skills will just be more important

A few years ago, I was hired as a content marketer at a small web design company.

At that time, I thought of a skill – and a skill only – will serve me well enough for success: the ability to write.

I’m a proud English graduate student who doesn’t know how to succeed as a content marketer.

Fortunately, I’ve acquired a number of key skills over the years that have helped me grow as a content marketer. Most of those skills have nothing to do with writing.

Whether you’ve been a content marketer for years or you’re looking to get hired for your first content marketing role, you’re in luck. Here, explore the skills you need to hone to become a great content marketer in 2021 and beyond.

Content Marketing Skills

1. Copywriting

More likely than not, most of your role as a content marketer requires you to create content that converts leads and drives sales. To do this successfully, you need to be a good copywriter.

However, it is important to note – copywriting for marketing purposes requires different skills than if you write for non-business purposes.

First, copywriting for a business requires a consistent commitment to writing in the brand’s own voice.

This can become especially tricky if you are a freelance content marketer who creates content for different businesses and industries. However, it is important that you develop the ability to write in different styles depending on the needs of the business.

For example, for a sales blog, you may need to write short, concise, easy-to-understand sentences, as salespeople are often time limited and need immediate answers.

On the other hand, marketers have bit More time to appreciate writing for the sake of writing, so you can take the time to use longer, more creative sentences.

Also, the way you write video scripts for an insurance company changes dramatically from how you write social copy for an ecommerce business.

Develop brand voice – and know how to change your writing style depending on your business needs and needs audience personality – is an important skill in content marketing.

2. Editing skills

Along with similar lines of copywriting, it is important to you Become a proficient editor if you want to be successful as a content marketer.

Good, clear text can be strong enough to convince potential customers who are hesitant to buy. On the other hand, cluttered, error-prone text can cause new visitors and potential customers to abandon your website entirely.

In short, edit power is the difference between mediocre writing and compelling, engaging, high-converting content.

No pressure, right?

Learning how to quickly create content is an important skill for any content marketer, especially if you’re responsible for creating content across multiple channels for your business. So editing is a mandatory step to clean up that copy and make it as professional and polished as possible.

3. SEO skills

This skill is a difficult one for me to master, but it’s crucial for making sure my content is ranked online and reaching the right audience when they need it most.

As a content marketer, your role is not just to create high-quality content. It is also for creating content that converts readers, listeners, or viewers into customers.

And to do this, you need one Basic understanding of SEO.

For example, if you’re the content marketer in charge of your company’s YouTube site, you’ll want to know how to do keyword research to distinguish what people are searching for on YouTube, then write headlines. compelling, optimized for SEO and video description to engage viewers in those videos.

Also, as a blogger, you’ll need to know how to create SEO optimized content – including using appropriate alt text in your images, using relevant keywords in your section titles. and carefully match keywords in your content (rather than keyword-mix).

Ultimately, SEO makes sure the content you work hard to create is served to the right audience, at the right time. Without an SEO foundation, then, you won’t be successful as a content marketer.

4. Talent interview

As a content marketer, you are often tasked with creating content around unfamiliar or complex topics.

You may find it difficult to do the research required to produce a useful, informative piece of content on a topic that you are new to it with. Here’s where interviewing can help you level up as a content marketer.

For example, when I need to write about The Google rel = nofollow message Last year, I knew I would have a hard time defining why it matters to our audience if I didn’t speak to an SEO strategist. That’s why I interviewed my colleague, Victor Pan, to add expert advice and help my audience understand the subject on a deeper level.

5. Time management and organization skills

One of the most important skills any content marketer can cultivate is the skill to stay organized even when deadlines are tight.

Becoming a content marketer means publishing content on a consistent, effective basis to ensure you reach and convert your audience into leads for your sales team on a monthly basis. Therefore, organizing and complying with a content calendar that is aligned with your company’s goals is an important aspect of your role.

Also, writing can be tiring, so it’s important to manage your time to avoid exhaustion. For example, if you were asked to write four blog posts per week, it would be helpful if you could block the time in your calendar for “Writing Time” during your highest working hours. Writing those four blog posts the night before the post is due won’t help you succeed as a content marketer.

Consider using project management software to make sure your content stays organized even as your team scales.

6. Analysis & Data Skills

If you don’t have the skills needed to analyze your content’s performance, then it will be difficult – if not impossible – to repeat your strategy over time and achieve new growth.

The content marketer’s role includes the ability to analyze industry trends, keep up with information on audience interests and behavior, and use it all. that information to make strategic decisions and broaden your brand’s reach.

When I first started creating content for the HubSpot Blog, I was very opposed to the data. I love the creation of content and data like the complete opposite of all of that.

However, over time, I realized that it doesn’t matter how creative or unique my content is if no one is reading it.

This is where the data comes into play. It helps me repeat the types of content I’m writing, choose new topics to tackle that I know my audience likes best, and stay ahead of industry trends to make sure my content is relevant Transitions happen to marketers across the globe.

Ultimately, data is crucial to making sure you have it strong, effective content strategy.

These are just a few of the skills you need to master as you level up as a content marketer. Ultimately, the ability to maintain flexibility and find out the needs of owned A company’s unique goals are critical to success as a content marketer in the long run.

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