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6 rituals to help you release your energy this spring and the years to come

Plants have been used to create space for millennia after millennia. One of my favorite rituals is to sit with my lover rosemary dust at the entrance of my house and plead for her energy to wip out mine. I want to cut off a few branches and Brush my whole body with the tree, starting from the soles of the feet up to the head, as I take a deep breath with the intention of releasing all the energy I’m holding that needs to be released.

Another way I like to create space is to burn a bit of bark from my favorite trees – cedar or cypress – and intentionally scatter the smoke around my halo, house, and sacred spaces with hand or a feather found. Cedar and cypress are two great alternatives to white sage and Palo Santo, both of which have gained popularity since the end of the year and are now on the verge of extinction.

When sourcing, it is most important to acquire our herbal allies in sustainable and conscious ways and work with herbal allies with whom we have formed relationships from heart. Without that connection, we cannot forcefully take up its love potion.

I recommend that you keep an eye on where the trees around you are and which ones you feel have a strong attraction. First, let’s look at how you can work with those. Cedar and rosemary are my two close allies, but they may not give you the same help as they do for me.



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