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6 sports bras with pockets for completely hands-free running

IOnly when the weather was finally warm enough to train outside without a jacket did I really have the thought that I could be jealous of kangaroos. Yes, you heard me correctly. Do not have one Puffer fish or fleece with handbag hold by me phone, keys, wallet, mask, and the energy bar while running, I would weigh less than two evils each morning – do I wear another coat with pockets and dripping sweat, or do I shove all my earthly possessions into the center of my chest in a bra, resulting in a wet earphone case and a couple of dropped phones that scare you? This is when I wish I had a bag already.

However, the answer to these morning hard questions and the perfect solution to a hands-free workout that won’t get you caught up or scouring the Australian outback is a simple one: arm sports pocket. They’re simple, keep things safe, can be worn alone or almost seamlessly with a workout T-shirt and are the perfect stress reliever to ensure you have all the running essentials, Go hiking, or even quickly go to the store.

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Brooks Drive 3 Pocket Run Bra – $ 50.00

This new Brooks three-pocket sports bra is made and tested by runners. It has perfect compression, which means whatever you’re carrying in the bag won’t cause too much movement or feel like you’re carrying weight and one of the bags is made to fit perfectly in electricity. phone number.

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Urban Savage Pocket Bra, – $ 80.00

Tested while running at six minutes per mile, this long bra has high support to keep everything in place. The style comes with detachable gaskets and is perfect for any type of high-intensity activity. The best part is, since it has a wide sole, it can double as a crop top.

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Nike sports bras with average support pocket – $ 50.00

Made for trail runners, this sports bra comes equipped with a variety of hidden pockets and medium-compression fabric for a tight-fitting feel. The sweat absorbent material is made to keep you dry, while the mesh screens give you more ventilation.

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Queenieke Back Pocket Sports Bra – $ 20.00

This Amazon’s most beloved bra comes in 14 different shades and styles. Not only does it have a back pocket sized to hold your phone, but also a bonded clip that slips your headphones through to avoid the inevitable, unpleasant after-run.

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Oiselle Flyout Bra – $ 64.00

With thick straps to limit shoulder cut, this sports bra is made to last for a long time. It offers great protection under a hydration pack and higher neck, and the trademarked Power Plya fabric makes it super supportive for larger breasts.

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