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6 steps to create the ultimate webinar #NoBSPresentation

July 12, 2017

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The following excerpt is the word and the book by Dustin Mathews There is no BS Guide for . Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes or Click here to buy it directly from us and SAVE 60% on this book as you use the code CAREER2021 through April 17, 21.

For a long time, your only real use of a powerful presentation was in person. The speakers traveled from city to city to give presentations at other organized meetings, at churches, hotel ballrooms and at convention centers.

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Today, the company’s authors, professional speakers, promoters of all kinds of opportunities, reality TV stars, trainers and corporate consultants are still regularly on the road, presenting to the audience. At the local level, doctors, lawyers, accountants, investment advisors and other professionals and business owners go to civic groups, business groups and lunches; advertise and promote their own seminars and introductory classes; and can go to the company and conduct lunches and study sessions for the host’s employees, always giving presentations to the audience. But what if you could bring your audience to the presentation?

Don’t get us wrong – we are still fans of the “old school”. It works. Most of the time, it outperforms anything that’s done online with the same presentation under any tangible measurement: sell made, customers get, pre-booked appointments. However, there is a huge cost of money and time involved traveling across the country or the globe, or even just around your city, to present your presentation. There are also people who will never set foot on a free preview seminar, go to a “leadership press conference”, or in other words put themselves in the audience, but these are these people. Can be great prospects for your business.

This is where online media comes in. If you have an active presentation, complete with a flesh-and-blood live audience, then there’s a 99% chance it can be made to work as it is or be tuned as Webinars – stands for “distributed webinar.” This allows you to talk while you sleep. It allows you to reach out to objects you don’t meet face to face. It multiplies the value of your presentation. It allows an audience to watch your presentation whenever they want, on demand, just like they watch movies, TV shows and / or replay sports games. It allows you to push a group to view it at a specified date and time, just like when you travel to and hold a meeting in a hotel. It is flexible, efficient, and fully automated.

Here are our Basic Webinar Recipes:

1. Traffic

Just as you have to invite and motivate people to a meeting in a physical location, you have to invite and motivate your audience to come and see your webinar. There is certainly no shortage of ways to do this. Have email, , offline , magazine, radio and TV advertising, and the opportunity for others to promote the webinar for you.

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2. Sign up

Rarely do you want to set up a webinar for in-person, on-demand access without registration. Everyone is used to signing up for seminars and classes so there is little protest. And you want this contact list to follow.

Great sign-up pages include presenter titles, presenter photos, and a small sales copy of what you’ll learn from viewing. They also include a countdown timer so they see the clock literally ticking away! It is counting down to a point that this webinar will be over.

3. Build excitement

Don’t take people’s enthusiasm or follow-up for granted. That’s why there is sales copy on the signup page. If there is a delay between registration and webinar (or live ), there should be a series of follow-up announcements by email and text, maybe a voice broadcast and possibly a letter to build their interest in the upcoming webinar. Most of the time, registering a person is the beginning of a process – not the end of it. You must sell people who have registered to show up! The good news is, just like webinar broadcasting and playback, all of this can be automated.

4. Presentation

Here’s the easy part. You just need to provide your Signature Presentation that you’ve completed and has (ideally) been battle-tested with a live audience. It can be a fully pre-recorded video or it can be streamed as a webcast.

One key difference between webinars and live presentations is that you can’t push people to the back of the room to sign up or buy whatever you’re offering. Instead, you’ll most likely want to direct your audience to what we call the “Cool Lists” page. This is a separate website where you’ll direct them to or ask them to click where they choose to rejoin, then move on to sign up or order or schedule with you. We often divide their request for contact information and then their purchase information into two opt-in pages, so that when someone leaves without completing the purchase, we know to follow them. in a certain way. Here is a list of our new leads. Sometimes, you can add as an option or even replace a call to your business or an outsourced call center.

5. Tracking

Your webinar has become the center of many followers marketing Work. It generates different people lists for different types of tracking marketing:

  • Any person who buys or takes whatever alternative action you are asking for
  • Everyone on the Featured List doesn’t complete their purchase or action
  • All those who viewed webinars but were not on the Attractive List
  • All those who signed up but did not attend / view the webinar

In addition to your own live tracking via email, text message, mail and phone, you can perform automatic retargeting with and . A follow-up message can literally take people around.

6. Attaching and distributing excessively

Whether you use your webinar to sell products or let people request free information or schedule an appointment, you want to immediately send them a confirmation email of what they did, verify what’s coming to them and if it’s a purchase, . In some cases, this can also be used to make an immediate addition to a premium or larger version of what they just bought or to set up a second, sequential sale. Now, more than ever, people want instant gratification, so even if your product is physical (not digital) and will be shipped to them or they’ve scheduled a consultation. on the phone or to your office, showroom or store some time from now, it’s good to give them something they can consume right away. This could be an educational video, a downloadable info section, a membership site – something.

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As you move your productive presentation online and combine these six results-boosting tools around it, you’ll take advantage of that presentation to a much greater extent than you can possibly afford to be. just pack the loaded laptop with your PowerPoint slides and play Have Speech, Will Travel.

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