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6 Sustainable Resolutions to be set for Earth Day 2021

The climate crisis will not be resolved in a day.

When Earth Day Theoretically is certainly nice, in fact, it should last after April 22. Here’s a New Year’s possible therapies vacation: Imagine if we all used it. Use Earth Day to test yourself and set eco-friendly goals Future? Imagine if we shared them with friends and loved ones and vowed to keep each other accountable forward?

At mbg we are all aiming for individual commitments to exercise more or eat less sugar, but these sustainability decisions will have a greater impact on our collective community ( and many of them will also pay dividends for personal happiness).

So, in the name of reflecting where we’ve been and outlining a new path ahead, today we will share six Earth Day 2021 resolutions inspired by the consumer trends they we have seen in the past year. Commit to one; commit to all of them; or on your own commitment. Whatever you do, take today to commit to something.



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