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6 sweet and savory yogurt flavors to spice up your snacks

Alonely, unattractive raw vegetables like other appetizers. What is the carrot tree in comparison to Baked Buffalo Wings With Cauliflower? But what can enhance the flavor of even the most bland celery bar is the sweet and savory yogurt dipping sauce.

Pickled yogurts, whether they are Full of milk or free, packed with mixes such as a detached Cold Stone, or a mug and flavored, is a great way to spice up your midday (or midnight) snack. And because their base contains a lot of calcium, proteinand gut cultures and probiotics, they are rich in nutrients from the start.

Scroll down for 6 creamy, sweet and savory yogurts to make yourself or to share.

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This dipping is hearty, refreshing, aromatic and perfect to pair with some grilled pita bread, schmear wrapped with chicken for a full meal or to devour yourself.

Get the formula: Healthy Greek Dip

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This three-ingredient dip takes seconds to prepare, is full of energizing protein, and pairs well with apples or pears for a tasty and nutritious snack.

Get the formula: Peanut butter Greek yogurt dipped

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If you’re looking for a dipping that’s smooth, sweet, smokeless, and savory then this easy yet premium dip is for you. The use of squash makes it great for winter and autumn, and pepitas (aka pumpkin seeds) for garnish make it look like a top hub for the dining table.

Get the formula: Grilled zucchini in butter and tahini yogurt dipping

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This chocolate dipped yogurt is healthier than Nutella, but still has a bit of its signature flavor. It goes perfectly with apples, strawberries, bananas, pears or any seasonal fruit you have on hand.

Get the formula: Greek yogurt ice cream dipped in fruit

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Craving for queso? This creamy dipping cream makes you fall in love. It’s easy to make, flavorful and delicious all year round (but especially on game days).

Get the formula: Cheesy Bourbon Horseradish Dip

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Just because the recipe is simple doesn’t mean everything is delicious. Great with fruit or topped with granola, this dip is the perfect combination of sweetness and spicy, while also packed with antioxidants.

Get the formula: Cinnamon-dipped yogurt

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