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7 effective ways to promote events on Facebook

An incident is a great opportunity to delight existing customers while reaching a new audience and increasing brand awareness.

For example, consider how I first met Southcoast open aviation market – a Massachusetts-based local marketplace that showcases crafts, fresh produce and meat as well as live music – by searching “Events near me” on Facebook.

I would never find a company without an event they recently posted:

And so the ultimate power of online events: The ability to attract new customers to your business.

Fortunately, an event doesn’t have to be expensive. You can set up virtual events and webinars with Facebook Live Free or create mini events at your company’s physical locations to encourage new local guests.

Of course, one of the biggest challenges when organizing an event on Facebook is spreading awareness of the event to both new and existing audiences.

If you’re having trouble organizing an event, you want people to show up – and better yet, you want people to continue promoting your business. after the event has ended.

Here, we’ll explore some of the creative opportunities you can use to promote an upcoming event on Facebook.

Free resources: How to reach and engage your audience on Facebook

How to promote events on Facebook

To demonstrate how to effectively promote an event on Facebook, let’s go through an example.

Let’s say I recently started a business – Caroline’s cupcakes – and I want to host an event to drive new traffic to my site.

But, when I created the event … how do I do encourage it? Let’s explore how to do that, next.

It’s important to note – in this section we’ll explore how to officially advertise your event using Facebook’s advertising features, which means you have to pay to run the chapters. This promotion. If you are looking for cheaper or free alternatives, move on to the next section in this post, The best ways to promote events on Facebook.

Also, see Facebook’s instructions if you have just created an event on Facebook. You will need a Facebook event to continue these steps.

1. As soon as you create your event, Facebook will send you a pop-up that says “Enhance your online events”. Click “Boost event” to advertise your event to a new audience.

Facebook Online Events Pop-up Enhance Your Online Events

Alternatively, if you clicked from the pop-up or created an event not too long ago, simply go back to your company page and click the “Ads” button displayed there:

Advertise button on your company's homepage, you need to click on this button to find an event facilitator

And then click on the box that says “Enhance events”.

Facebook's "Promote events" button2. Next, fill in the Ad you want to use when promoting the event, including the event description, an image, and the Ad Category. This is where you want to use it Advertising best practices to make sure your copy and images engage a new audience as they watch your event.

Advertising Advertising to promote Events3. Once you’ve filled in your Ad, you’ll want to choose the Audiences for which you want to see your event. Add certain key audience elements that are relevant to your target audience or consider using Lookalike feature of Facebook to find people who are similar to people who have followed, liked, and interacted with your content online.

The Audience section of the form when you fill out a Facebook ad4. Finally, choose the length of time you want to promote your event. We recommend promoting a few weeks before the event, so that your audience has time to organize the event into their calendars and even invite friends or colleagues. Also, you’ll want to choose your budget here.

The duration and budget of your ad when filling out the Facebook ad form5. Once you’ve finished your ad, click “Boost events now” to make sure your event is shared with new, interested audiences.

The Boost event button is right on the Ad form you'll want to hit when you're ready to drive your eventOf course, these steps can help you promote your event through advertising. But if you are on a tight budget, you may not have the resources to officially promote it.

Luckily, there are several alternative best practices for promoting your event – something I recommend doing even if you’ve officially promoted your event.

Now let’s explore those things.

The best way to promote events on Facebook

1. Change your business page settings so your Events are listed first when people find your business page.

When visitors find your business page, they’ll see a few tabs at the top, including “Home”, “Groups”, “Photos”, etc.

To increase traffic to your events page, consider reorganizing these tabs so that the “Events” tab is listed first on your business page.

To do this, click the “More” drop-down menu on your company page, then choose “Edit tab”:

The "Edit tab" on your company's Facebook page

Next, drag the “Events” tab to the top, just below “Home”:

The Settings page where you can reorder tabs on your Facebook business page

This is a small detail, but it can help encourage new site visitors to click and watch upcoming events.

2. Share and pin your event to the top of your business.

While you have another page for your event invitations, there’s no reason you shouldn’t broadcast the event on your business’s official Facebook page.

To do this, share a detailed post that highlights your event – including where people can sign up, what time it takes and what you’ll cover. Then right click on the three dots in the top right corner of your Facebook post and select “Pin to top of page“:

The Pin to top button you'll need to press to keep an event at the top of your Facebook page

Here’s another easy opportunity to promote your event. When both new and existing audiences view your business page, they’ll see front and center, a pinned post about your upcoming event.

3. Post event highlighting status from your business page.

A few days before the event, contact your page followers with instant reminders. Use images, emojis, and other fun, interactive elements to remind your audience of an upcoming event and increase excitement for it.

If you can, publish a short, promotional video that can also help raise awareness and excitement. For example, let’s see how Content Virtual Marketing Conference published a short video from one of the webinar speakers, Ellie Hernaman, to remind followers of the upcoming event:

The Content Marketing Virtual Summit's Facebook video featured Ellie, a speaker for their Content Marketing Virtual Summit

4. Optimize your event page for broader reach.

If you’re having trouble promoting your event page, you’ll want to make sure that the event page is ready to engage and delight new viewers.

A few small details can go a long way, here. For example, consider using a unique, original image as your cover photo, like Honey Pot Company did with Essence Wellness House Atlanta:

Cover Photo Overall Health showcases the speakers at the Honey Pot Company Atlanta event

Also, use the right tags related to your event – such as “start-up” and “tech” – to ensure the event is shared and viewed by the right channels.

5. Share your event to relevant Facebook groups.

If you have already created one Facebook group For your business, this can be a great opportunity to broadcast your event to an audience that has shown interest in your brand.

Also, if you are a member of a Facebook group made up of people you believe will really Find interest in your event, go ahead and share your event there as a member post.

However, a word of caution: This can easily feel promotional and can be counterproductive, especially if members feel you’re just sharing content relevant to your business.

Instead, you’ll want to make sure it’s authentic and useful for the current topic. For example, if you’re a member of the Facebook Tech Startup group and your company is hosting a webinar, “8 impressive new tech startups to follow”, by all means – go ahead. and post quickly, “Hello members, please join this webinar on Tuesday.”

Just be careful not to overdo it, especially if it’s not related to other topics being discussed.

6. Copy the link and paste it into the email newsletter or alternate channels to broadcast to existing leads.

On your event page, you’ll see an option to “Share” (arrow pointing to the right) – when you click on it, Facebook gives you the option to either copy and paste a specific URL link or share Share to a Page or group:

Share button on your Cupcake Decorating Content where you can copy a link to share with others on FacebookIf you feel a lot of leads and customers interacting with your brand outside of Facebook, you can copy and paste the URL into other channels and share it with interaction followers on social platforms. other associations.

Alternatively, you might consider opening your event to “pre-access” to an exclusive list of email subscribers – like people who have purchased your product or service or your Blog subscribers – on “first come, first served” facility. Here’s an example of how it might look in practice:

An email to Caroline's cupcake client, streaming upcoming cupcake decorations with a link to the event on Facebook

Finally, you should paste the URL into other content channels to expand your reach. For example, if you have a dedicated Instagram follower, you can paste the URL into your Instagram profile.

7. Ask businesses or other influencers to co-host or sponsor your event so they can share your event with their audience.

A surefire opportunity to reach a new audience is to have a business or other influencer in the industry co-host or sponsor your event.

This can help you increase listeners to your event, and it can also make the event itself more valuable by including unique, original thought leadership content.

For example, M&M BBQ, a Boston-based barbecue restaurant, in partnership with Dorchester Brewing Company to host events like Sunday brunch and match the steaks with the famous Dorchester Brewing Company’s beer.

Recently, Dorchester Brewing Company has posted information about the event with a direct link to M&M BBQ:

Dorchester Brewing Company event post, highlighting M&M BBQ and inviting everyone over to barbecue and sample beers for Sunday brunch in Boston

This serves two purposes: First, any Facebook follower or DBC client might be interested in M&M BBQ thanks to a Facebook post (or a first-hand experience of trying the barbecue).

And, secondly, the Dorchester Brewing Company added value to its own event by offering its loyal customers the option of eating delicious kebabs as they tasted beers. One win, win.

Ultimately, you’ll need to figure out which advertising methodology works best for your brand, event, and audience. Luckily, the sky is the limit when it comes to promoting an event on Facebook – both inside and outside of social media.

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