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7 great ideas to celebrate National Pet Week 2020

Your pet brings you a lot of fun, in return for the unconditional love it has for, put in more effort to make your pet especially great during National Pet Week. year 2020.

Here are some ideas on how you can have a good time with your pet during National Pet Week 2020 celebrations:

1. Go out with your pet

As the parent of a pet, there may be part of you feeling guilty for not spending enough time with your pet. Now is a great chance to let your pet enjoy the great outdoors.

You will be amazed that even for just a few hours in the park, your cat or dog will be so excited. Play ball or tug of war. This is not only beneficial for your pet, but also good for your health!

Try testing your pet’s intelligence by allowing it to participate in ‘brain activities’ such as puzzles. The idea of ​​these games is for your pet to figure out how to score and be rewarded with delicious pet treats.

Depending on where you live, you can also explore a park with your pet that you haven’t visited yet. You may also want to let your pet get along with other dogs and cats. Allows it to feel comfortable around animals, people, and other new places.

Since this is National Pet Week in 2020, chances are there will be fun games for you and your pets like fun jogging or pet races.

If your dog is not confident enough or friendly with strangers, go through the process slowly, as it will only generate anxiety. Devote it to socializing, say, for 20 minutes, then gradually work longer over the next few days.

Why is pet socialization encouraged?

It promotes confidence. Through socialization, your pet will develop good manners. It’s also good for you as it will ease your stress and anxiety every time you take your pet to pet-friendly restaurants, malls and social gatherings like the one in activities of National Pet Week.

It promotes a healthy life. Pets that interact and play with other animals will have happier lives. The saying ‘a tired puppy is a good dog’ can best be achieved through social interactions.

2. Attend short-term seminars

During National Pet Week 2020, there will be short seminars by veterinarians and pet lovers who are willing to share tips on how to keep a healthy pet.

Regardless of the type of pets you have are fish, birds, guinea pigs, and rabbits, we are sure that you will be able to find a scheduled pet-specific workshop. This is the best time to take this opportunity to learn more about health, nutrition and other pet issues you love.

The idea of ​​these short workshops is to teach pet lovers what to do to become more responsible pet owners.

By being aware of your pet’s needs, you will extend the life of your pet.

How to become a responsible pet owner?

  • Commitment
  • Invest
  • Obey local legislation on pet ownership
  • Let your pet wear the tag
  • Quantity limit
  • Prepare for a disaster

All of this you can take a closer look at during National Pet Week 2020.

3. Help raise funds

With so many abandoned pets around, one of the best things you can do is raise funds for sheltered animals to meet your daily needs for food, vitamins, medications and requirements. grooming.

You can host a pet show in your local area. It should be open to dogs, cats, birds and other pets. You can make it fun by including games like agility games or maybe, a pet with the best outfits.

Do you love baking? Why not donate the proceeds to an animal shelter. What about a garage sale?

Whatever the number, it will go a long way in supplying the needs of the ranchers.

4. Volunteers

You can share your precious time in National Pet Week 2020 by volunteering. The great thing about volunteering is the opportunity for your child to get involved. By doing so, you not only provide service to the community, but you also instill the value of altruism and love for animals for your children.

You can call an animal shelter nearby that might help with cleaning or some clerical work. You can also go to the pet park to pick up feces and other trash. Or, you can go to a local gym or if there is a tennis court in your community, collect old and used tennis balls and leave them in the zoo park. pet for your pet to enjoy.

How about volunteering to adopt a rescue pet? If you are thinking of getting more members in your family, why not consider adopting a child? This is the best action pet lovers can do during National Pet Week 2020. So go to the animal shelter closest to you to adopt one or more animals and leave them alone. Enjoy a gift from you.

5. Health check

Even if you take your pet to the veterinarian for an annual vaccination, why not make it a habit to get it checked in during National Pet Week?

It is your main responsibility to ensure that your pet is in good condition. You can do that by seeing health problems early. For example, check the ear for signs of a fungal infection, a blood test for possible signs of diabetes, and other types of animal medical tests.

As with your pet’s teeth, it may be time to clean to get rid of plaque and tartar. Is your pet a rabbit? then the dental problem is the most common problem for rabbits, so it would be helpful to take it to the vet during National Pet Week 2020.

Your pet depends on you so don’t let it down. Let it undergo an annual health check.

6. Education

Do you work in academe? If so, there are many so many things you can do during National Pet Week 2020. First, you can present a Powerpoint to let your students learn more about responsible pet ownership.

Nowadays, there are a lot of pets that are abandoned just because the owner is not well prepared for the proper care and cost of keeping a pet. If you will think about it, it all stems from ignorance.

However, if they are in their infancy, they will know that there is not enough reason to buy a pet just because it is cute, but understand that buying a pet comes with a huge responsibility. With that said, we hope that in time, with your help, there will be no more sanctuaries for pets around the globe.

If you are not in the academe, you can also do your part in educating pet lovers and non-pets. How? By participating in a creative writing contest about pets. If you’re an artist, show your creativity by participating in the National Pet Week 2020 poster contest.

These competitions aim to increase veterinary awareness, human-animal bonding, and promote responsible pet ownership.

7. Get your pet covered

It’s time to buy pet insurance for your fur friends. You just don’t know when a disaster will strike. Do you have enough money to cover Veterinary bills in case your pet becomes ill? It is a pity to see animals that are abandoned and not receiving proper medical treatment as their parents forgot to protect them.

By using a good pet insurance plan, you can sleep better knowing that whatever happens, you’re covered for your pet.


Whichever way you want to celebrate National Pet Week 2020, allot time with your furry or hairy babies. Try to cuddle, rub the stomach for longer and whatever your pet loves.

This is your pet’s special week and for whatever its value your pet deserves your love, time and attention. By simply giving in and in return, you get nothing but unconditional love and loyalty.

However, you can go one step further by joining. Like many avid pet lovers, you can help organize events to raise money and be aware of the plight of abandoned animals. No matter how big or small the event is, what matters most is your efforts to raise a sense of good care for small animals during National Pet Week 2020.

Author Biography:

Jaden is the author of mypetience.com, the pet blog shares pet care knowledge. He has more than 5 years of experience in keeping small animals such as dogs, cats, field mice and freshwater fish. What he has always focused on is providing useful and valuable information for pet enthusiasts.



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