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7 of the best two-headed dildos for double pleasure

In erotic, double penetration (DP) is often described as a vulva owner being penetrated simultaneously by two penis owners, and as a result, many people regard sexual act as nothing more than food. fiction. After all, to try it out really within the limits of that very narrow definition, you don’t need one but two willing, communicative and conscientious partners. But in fact, thanks to the bipedal prostheses, pleasure seekers can discover the double penetration for themselves.

And that’s great news, considering that according to a recent Instagram poll where I took my followers, out of 1,400 respondents, 76% reported that they had or are interested in doing so. try double penetration with the right people. And less than a quarter of respondents said double penetration is a difficult item on their delight menu. According to sex educators, if you fall into old camp, read on to learn more about the best bipedal prostheses to buy and creative ways to incorporate them into the bedroom.

3 types of 2-headed dildo for unlimited pleasure

Sometimes referred to as a double dummy, a bifurcated dummy with two heads that can be inserted is usually over 18 inches in length, according to Taylor Sparks, porn educator and founder Organic law. For the frame of reference: The one-headed prosthetic average is only five to eight inches. However, the exact shape of a double-headed prosthesis may differ. Some are shaped like a giant “U”, while others are shaped like a capital “I”, while others are hands-free.

Best uses for a U-shaped double-headed prosthesis: For vulvar owners who want to try double penetration while masturbating, a U-shaped double-headed prosthesis is the best fit. Contoured into a giant horseshoe, a U-shaped double-headed dildo designed to simultaneously fill your vagina and anus, with the curvature of the dildo embracing the perineum of your pelvis, said Marla Renee Stewart, sex specialist for sex toy brands and retailers Lover.

Best uses for an I-shaped double-headed prosthesis: Lisa Finn, a sex educator at the sex toy hall Babeland, says I-shaped prostheses can be used to penetrate deep into a single hole during sex alone or, “they can be used with a partner, allowing your body to meet in the middle like a number Lady in The Tramp Pasta dish with a dildo. “

The best uses for a hands-free prosthesis: There is a third type of double-headed prosthesis known as a strap prosthesis (or strap without a harness). One end of the toy is designed to be inserted into the vaginal canal and held in place by the pelvic floor muscles, Sparks said. The other end is designed to be used as a strap prosthesis, inserted into the vagina, anus, or mouth of another partner.

According to Finn, these can also induce orgasms for adventurous masturbators. “Whether to assert sex through sex alone or just because of the desire to rub the penis for orgasm, internal wear and [manually stimulating] The end stretching out of the body can be an interesting feeling, ”she said.

7 of the best bipedal dildos to have double fun.

first. Double Pleasures Double Dildo colors, $ 50

With its 12-inch long and straight design, the Colors Double Pleasures Dildo is essentially an erotic ruler. “The shape makes it perfect for playing with a partner,” Finn said. Insert one end into one partner’s mouth, anus, or vagina, then let the second partner slide their chosen hole down the shaft, until both partners meet in the middle. Shorter than most I-shaped bipedal prostheses, this option is perfect for pleasure seekers who prefer a shallow penetration.

Shop now: Double Pleasures Double Dildo colors, $ 50

2. Share Fun Factory, $ 110

That opinion strap and latch Just feel good sex for the recipient is BS. The dildo, after all, can be pressed against the wearer’s mounds, vulva or clitoris, providing “there, there, there!” pressure with all thrust. But for those who like to be penetrated as much as they like penetration, Fun Factory Share is the best two-headed prosthesis to try.

It’s one of the many bipolar prostheses marketed as a wireless strap, but it’s the best. “The toy has an ergonomically designed bump that can be hooked up to the wearer Area G, Finn said. Most straps without straps do not have this slight bump and are therefore more likely to pop in the middle of a session. Additionally, “the bump also stimulates the wearer’s G-zone, making it more enjoyable to play.”

Oh, and it also has a bullet vibrator that provides vibration up and down the shaft, Sparks adds.

Shop now: Share Fun Factory, $ 110

3. DP Pleasure’s double colored dildos, $ 33

Curved into a giant “U” shape, the Colors DP Pleasure Double Dildo is designed to allow everyone the chance to explore double penetration without the need for a partner’s “help”. Each edge has almost eight insertable inches and each end has a different perimeter to accommodate different perimeter options between holes.

Furthermore, “it has a texture similar to the bio-penis, but has no actual colors,” says Finn, noting that this feature makes it ideal for those who prefer the internal texture but Not Necessarily looking for an inspired bedmate with the penis.

Shop now: DP Pleasure’s double colored dildos, $ 33

4. Ruse Double Dildo, $ 85

Compared to Colors DP Pleasure Double Dildo, Ruse is longer (18 inches!) And sturdier. Because the toy bends less, it is better for simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration than for double vaginal penetration.

However, Finn says, it could also be used in cooperative games; she suggests doing so by wearing a harness with a detachable back (like Spareparts Joque, $ 150) so that the dildo doesn’t fall out of your body when your pelvic floor muscles get tired.

Shop now: Ruse Double Dildo, $ 85

5. Le Wand Bow, $ 135

“Due to their short length, stainless steel wands are often neglected in conversations with a double-headed prosthesis,” Finn said. “But they have two heads, so they shouldn’t be.”

Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, wands like the Bow are better equipped than conventional silicone ‘ole prostheses to provide a consistent internal pressure that G, P, and A-spot regions meet. good. She explained: “One end of the Bow is larger and has a design like a corkscrew and the other is smaller, allowing the user’s preference to determine their sexual experience.

Shop now: Le Wand Bow, $ 135

6. Double Whammy dildos, $ 36

“The super bendable Double Whammy is the adventure of your choice,” said Stewart. . She says it only takes a little muscle to turn this silicone toy into a “U”, “I”, “S” or “C” shape. Four toys in one and for only 36 dollars? Here for it.

Shop now: Double Whammy dildos, $ 36

7. Happy Rabbit Strap-On, 100 dollars

“A vibrating wireless strap, Happy Rabbit has the added bonus of sporty bunny ears, which makes it great for pussy owners who have negative stimulation,” Sparks said. objects, ”said Sparks. With the help of the fluttering outer wings, this toy not only provides internal stimulation to both partners, but also external vibrations.

Shop now: Happy Rabbit Strap-On, 100 dollars

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