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7 plush gowns to buy for mothers day before selling out

OSome of the positives that have happened over the past year is that a limit no longer exists on the number of gowns – and sunglasses in general – that society will accept. So yes, what that means for Mother’s Day, * check schedule * There are only a few weeks left by May 9, and you can and should absolutely check out the classy robes available online – even if your mom already has a pandemic collection.

In fact, even if you gave her luxurious gowns yourself during a pandemic, it wouldn’t be absurd to give her extra. In previous years, the feeling involved in giving a robe could have been … good, sad, ah Live Saturday night sketch of what happens in many households on Christmas morning (spoiler: preferential gifts for everyone except mom, who only gets a sad robe). But now, that’s more regal comfort. If the blouse is the black leggings of the isolation (and I will continue to say they are), then the classy gown is the fancy pants you know you don’t need but really, really want.

So with that in mind, make your mum a good one and buy her the most luxurious gowns available to show her how much you love her and want her to prioritize taking care of her. Dear. And if you have to add a cape to your shopping cart? We can’t blame you for that.

These 7 chic gowns are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day:

first. Lunya washable silk robes, $ 248

Thankfully, low-curing silk is something that exists, and Lunya is at the forefront of providing it. This mantle is made from the brand’s signature washable silk, featuring a perfect herb-inspired green (a color that suits spring well). There are also 12 other colors to choose from, from neutral, like brown and black, to bright, like pink and purple.

Shop now: Lunya washable silk robes, $ 248

2. Ugg Cream Duffield II pocket gown, $ 128

ugg cloakThis is Ugg’s best-selling cape, and it’s easy to see why. It is made of thick, soft and warm double knit wool, perfect for chilly nights. The high-low border also adds a bit of drama as you walk.

Shop now: Ugg Cream Duffield II pocket gown, $ 128

3. Cuyana Pima Modal Robe, $ 95

cuyana cloakIt’s no exaggeration to say that you can’t go wrong with a gift made with Cuyana’s beautiful soft, durable pima method – and this mantle is no exception. The fitted shirt is ruffled without being oversized or too snug, and the two large front pockets are a cute and practical highlight. It comes in black and heather gray.

Shop now: Cuyana Pima Modal Robe, $ 95

4. Gravity x Modern weight cloak, $ 130

gravity blanketWrite this luxurious mantle below: “How did this one not exist before?” and also “Please dress my body right away.” The collar has a 3-pound insert that is intended to help relieve stress with deep-touch pressure stimulation. The weight is removable, so the plush fleece cloak can be worn on its own at any time. It comes in gray, navy and white, and ranges in sizes from small to extremely large.

Shop now: Gravity x Modern weight cloak, $ 130

5. Fabric cape, $ 99

parachute cloakThis robe is part of Parachute’s new line of sunglasses are made of linen, and it’s the perfect antidote for those bored with soft robes (or those who already own too many to justify adding another to their collection). It’s lightweight, breathable, and machine washable – just be aware that it doesn’t stretch much. It comes in the form of coal, clay (pictured) and bone, and comes in small to extremely large sizes.

Shop now: Fabric cape, $ 99

6. You are all gray. You are all robes, $ 107

you are all robesThis robe is made from soft felt material so it is not bulky and difficult to grip. It has deep pockets, plus a built-in tie (so you don’t have to look for a missing mantle belt any more).

Shop now: You are all gray. You are all robes, $ 107

7. Summersalt The Cloud 9 Silky Robe, $ 95

summer gownThe four different vignettes this cape comes with, including a pastel animal motif and leopard-skin motif, make it a bit bolder than the others on the list. Ordinary and simple, it has pizazz music. Plus, it’s light, silky, and wrinkle free. It is available in sizes from extremely small to 2X.

Shop now: Summersalt The Cloud 9 Silky Robe, $ 95

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