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7 Small Apartment Decorating Ideas From Sacha Strebe’s LA For Rent

Luxury brand of linen Bed thread brings us inside the homes of top designers and innovators globally. Next, explore small apartment decoration ideas from our European-inspired rental photo by our Deputy Editor-in-Chief Sacha Strebe in Los Angeles.

How do you feel when you are given a blank picture? Does it light up your creative soul or does it evoke a feeling of fear like a knot in your stomach? I feel both are the same. But this is why I have learned to embrace it. When I first dipped my toes design That world was filled with great fear and self-destructive thoughts—I’m not a designer, who do I think I am? –but after about six years as my own apartment designer and decorator twice now (this is my first attemptI have honed my eyes and developed confidence in what I like and importantly what I don’t. I am very instinctive now – I know immediately when I see something whether it will work in space or not. And going back to my previous question, I really love both the excitement and fear of starting one new project because it’s the tension between the two that really drives me to create something special. Of course, this confidence in my design decisions doesn’t happen overnight (and I’m still learning) but, today I’m going to share some tips and ideas for small apartment décor. that I learned through my most recent make-up. help you in yours.

First of all, let me give you a quick background. Our small family – my husband Troy, 12-year-old son, Neon, and 2-year-old Frenchie, Cosmo and I – moved from Australia to Los Angeles’s trendy Silver Lake district about six years ago and we ‘got stayed in our small apartment ever since. As soon as we looked at the modern rental we knew it meant that. It’s the perfect stage to show off my budding design skills – white walls, concrete floors and loads of natural light. The living / dining area is combined into an open space with a 350 square meter kitchen. Yes, small spaces certainly present a challenge but I love working within the constraints – it motivates you to think outside the box!

Unlike millions of other Americans I have been working from home since the inception of the isolation it means I spend all day at my table. So for this recent redesign, I was really thinking about how I use this area and what I can do to create an inspirational space that really drives the creative process. mine. My husband and I met in Nice, France about 20 years ago, so that memory combined with the travel ban caused me to have European influences. This culminates in the form of gilded sculptures, framed artwork, classic ship with time rusty and handcrafted items like our dining table with unique knotted base, porcelain pendant lights Crosland Emmons, and custom birch bed frame.

So keep reading to learn more about the design process along with some small apartment decoration ideas to help you create your dream home.

Image of Jenna Peffley for Bed thread. Style by Brady Tolbert.

Set a budget

First, we have to set the budget. Of course, this is never the fun part of any project, but it’s important to figure out how much maximum you are willing to spend on decorating the space. Thankfully, we’ve got most of the foundation from our first make-up – dining tables, sofas, carpets, accent chairs, coffee tables – so this time we looked for items ornaments, artwork, vintage vases and flower vases and sculptures that add warmth, depth, and texture while harnessing the old European world style we hope to achieve .

Our biggest budget allocation has been moved to let go of sleep. This space has been preserved since we moved in and is in dire need of an overhaul. We knew we wanted a custom bed with plush linens (thanks, Bed thread) and finally decided to choose a custom bookshelf after being unable to find the one we liked – more after that! Custom items eventually pushed us over our budget but we know these investments will last forever, so while the initial cost drops, its value will continue to increase. by the time.

Creating Design Dialogue

One of the many lessons I have learned from amazing things Athena Cauldron of the EyeSwoon is creating a design dialogue in your home. What exactly does this mean? Well, you want each part of your home to have a voice so that when they’re all styling, they’ll sing – or at least, have a good conversation together. As an editor, I have the job of making stories come to life – storytelling is really at the heart of everything I do whether it’s literally putting words on a page. Good paper is in physics that tells stories through design. So it makes sense when I want to every piece in this space weaves a story about our lives and who we are as humans and as family right now.

During many sourcing trips, we stumbled across an antique store full of jewelry (both good and bad), and my husband and I were immediately drawn to the incredible picture. this. It had aged peeling paint, a tiny hole and an ornate gilded frame that got better and better with cracks and cracks but we both reviewed it and agreed it was on home with us (rarely do we both agree on something like that!). When we hung it up in the dining room, it changed everything in terms of space. It really transforms. I feel like that is the missing piece that really holds all the others together – the room is singing!

Make it personal

As I mentioned earlier, my husband and I are travel lovers, and after meeting each other in the romantic city of Nice, France, and then falling in love in Venice, Italy, we really want to fall in love feel that European into space. But other than that, who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re in Italy while they’re working from home in Los Angeles? #amirite? My husband is also really interested in bringing meaningful work or adding context to the space based on travel or emotional connection. Basically, they must have a reason to be there and marry the existing décor. So this means spending our weekend searching for local antiques stores or hours searching for Etsy and eBay keyword vulnerabilities – much more about that in My next tip!

You want to design a space that gives you an instinctive feeling so that when someone walks into the room, they immediately understand who you are, what you love and what you stand for. Of course, when you love as many styles, eras and designers as me, shrinking and retouching your space can be a challenge. I love creating mood boards on Pinterest along with saved Instagram folders and collecting as many images as possible. This has helped me clearly define my direction as I can see patterns popping up around texture, tone, period and mood.

Scour resale website

An important part of making it personal is finding the pieces that tell your story. That’s why I love vintage so much. From furniture to décor and even clothing, I like nothing more than diving down the resale site’s rabbit hole to find something unique. In fact, Facebook Marketplace has become one of my favorite places to find unique finds since my beloved flea markets were closed in existence. It is not featured in these pictures as I found it later, but I scored the most incredible score. Classic teak balls for $ 100 there and a Greek-inspired plaster pedestal for $ 30. Just be willing to dig around and use many keyword variations to find the treasure.

After reading Advice from Athena Calderone In terms of keywords, I’ve developed a slight obsession with clay sourcing, pottery, and terracotta jars. Actually, both vintage jars on our table and next to our sofa is a $ 25 score from eBay. There’s nothing like the thrill of finding that perfect piece for a bargain price.

Custom review

Since we are on lease, I can’t make any major changes, although I want nothing more than cutting out the kitchen and bathroom, so we focus on the notches instead. decorative edge and collaborate with local manufacturers to create unique and unique features. When I see this wooden bed it became the inspiration behind our master bedroom design and so we commissioned our friend Omar (he was @nymphobrainiac on Instagram) to make a beautiful birch bedroom set, including bed frame and bookshelf. It was definitely an investment but we’re glad we did

Slow down

Good design takes time. It’s an old adage but when it comes to decorating your home, it’s absolutely true. So resist the urge to rush, create your mood board, sit with the images and puzzle pieces you’ve gathered, and really consider what makes you feel emotional (and what isn’t). . This is especially important before making large investments. Every day, we are all bombarded with inspirational images on social media that can overwhelm our senses and cause confusion about what you love and what just is. trend or trend is right for the moment – but ask yourself a few questions like Will I still love this five or 10 years from now? DDoes this beautiful piece oes also serve my practical needs? When you truly understand these things, you can confidently move forward and create a space that is truly your own.

Take risks

Don’t be afraid to go deep into the unknown and discover unfamiliar things. It is in those moments, when you feel uncomfortable, really motivated to discover something new. It’s not always easy, but you’re sure to touch the magic and come across something unexpected. I love those moments, even if it’s a painful push and pull process to get there, that creative pit is where it all happens. A well-designed room should be comfortable and comfortable with a little bit of stress and side by side to keep things interesting. But above all, have fun!

What are the little apartment decoration ideas that you learned along the way? Share them with us below!



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