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8 brain-boosting meals and snacks for home cooking

We believe that cooking is an important part of the health puzzle and that everyone can make magic (or at least a few toast) happen in the kitchen. Sometimes you just need someone to show you where to start. Cook With Us offers smart cooking tips and tricks from experts, simple recipes to help you get the most out of simple ingredients, and all-round support for your cooking journey. Seeing it all

Discovering delicious recipes with impressive health benefits is easier than you think. And a reliable place for inspiration is Well + Good’s Cook with us Facebook group.

The Cook With Us community has thousands of people interested in home cooking from around the world. It’s a place to connect with others, swap healthy recipes and exchange culinary experiences. Find a Gluten-free birthday cake recipes? No milk for breakfast? Only one Brussels sprouts You don’t know how to prepare? These are your people.

Throughout April, Cook With Us focuses on meals and brain-boosting snacks. Research has repeatedly shown that Food can be used to prevent cognitive decline. Each week of this month’s challenge highlights something specific that does exactly that: healthy fats, Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory spices, and black chocolate.

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If you’re not sure where to start, the videos below will sync with the April theme. With eight delicious recipes, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to brain-boosting meals and snacks.

The best recipes for main meals and snacks for brain boosting

1. Lemon rosemary olive oil cake

In the meantime, you will have no trouble.

Olive oil Be one of the heroes of the Mediterranean diet because it’s filled with monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, both of which are good for your brain. Because this cake is made with olive oil * and * rosemary—A anti-inflammatory herb – it suited three of the four weekly challenges. It’s the perfect recipe for making brunch.

2. Chocolate butter mousse

In the meantime, you will have no trouble.In the meantime, you will have no trouble.

This recipe fits the Week 1 and Week 4 theme as it’s made with butter (um, the healthiest fat ever?) And dark chocolate. Here’s what it’s not made of: milk, gluten, eggs or added sugar.

3. Blueberry cake is gluten-free

Blueberries may be small, but they are high in antioxidants. They are also the star of this gluten-free cake. The crust is made of a mixture of coconut powder, hazelnuts and tapioca starch. Besides being loaded with antioxidants, this dessert is also high in fiber.

4. Radish humus plant

In the meantime, you will have no trouble.

Beets are full of antioxidants. Beets are a simple (and delicious) way to cook with them. Combine it with veggies for a snack that contains more antioxidants than antioxidants.

5. Anti-inflammatory carrot cake smoothie

In the meantime, you will have no trouble.

While incorporating spices into cooking is undisputed, they are often overlooked as a smoothie ingredient. But not with this recipe, it combines cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger with carrot and pineapple. The end result is that it heats up and tastes as good as a dessert.

6. Anti-inflammatory salad

In the meantime, you will have no trouble.

This recipe uses turmeric, ginger and garlic with Dijon mustard and olive oil to make a flavorful salad dressing. Since the sauce is made from olive oil, that means this salad fits the Week 1 cooking challenge as well.

7. Dark chocolate butter popcorn shell

In the meantime, you will have no trouble.

Sweet, savory, and crunchy, this snack has a lot to do with it. The best part? You only need four ingredients to make it. Dried cranberries add the perfect acidity.

8. Ganoderma chocolate muffins

In the meantime, you will have no trouble.

Reishi is a fungus involved in preventing cognitive impairment as well as the immune system. Separately, the flavor is rich and rich, but they are incredibly delicious when baked into these muffins. Hit a batch for breakfast throughout the week.

For more healthy recipes and cooking ideas from our community, join Well + Good’s Cook with us Facebook group.



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