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8 employees share their favorite episodes on mbg Podcasts

At mindbodygreen, we know that there is no one answer to optimum health and happiness. The nuance needed to parse the many recommendations from doctors, researchers and game changers is essential and since 2017 the best place to explore these topics is with our co-founder and co-CEO Jason Wachob on mindbodygreen podcast.

Now, with the 300th episode coming soon (!!!), we’re taking some time to reminisce about the science of experience, helpful tips and tricks, and weekly trends on mbg podcasts . Have a lot of remember when from a conversation of almost four years, so we had to ask the group: So far, what is your favorite episode?

Turns out, the mbg staff had their ear candy. From biohacking your genes to the future of postbiotics, here are the stages that leave our team inspired. Check out our featured film reel below.



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